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5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making

Email marketing campaigns are important.

Mistakes can make or break goals you’ve spent months working toward.

You might not even be aware you’re making some of the top email marketing mistakes.

Throughout 2020, B2C email (business to consumer) continued as a primary marketing channel. With more Brands increasing their focus on email as their primary method of keeping in touch with their customers and audience – smart businesses will continue to develop and invest in their email marketing during 2021.

Here are 5 Email Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

1)   Not Defining Your Target Audience

Visualize the individual receiving your email, defining beyond just demographics. Categorize their needs, values, hobbies, habits, etc. Segment each group, and assign separate lists for each.

2)   Creating Newsletters or Campaigns without an Outline

It’s not productive to scramble with each campaign for last-minute email content ideas to share with your lists.

Every three months, you should create a timeline for each email communication with campaign content outlines, along with target dates for publishing geared around seasonal events, holidays, sales and specials.

3)   Not Including an Effective Call-to-Action

Don’t forget to include one distinct call-to-action (CTA) in each email/campaign sent.

Be sure the call-to-action you use is direct enough so the reader knows exactly what you want them to do.

Common CTA’s might include:

  • Sale Ends in 4 Hours – Buy Now
  • To Learn More – Click Here
  • Register Now for a Free Gift
  • Shop Today Before Supply is Gone

4)   Using the Same Content for Everyone on Your List

Many businesses and companies lose big money because they have one subscriber list, and send one email campaign to everyone. They wonder why they aren’t getting clicks to their site or making sales.

Referencing back to number 1 on this list (Not Defining Your Target Audience) – you’ll want to create customized content for each group, and for each email campaign. This way, you’ll know which campaigns illicit an action response from each specific group, and you can tweak future communications where needed.

5)   Sending Emails Not Optimized for Mobile

The percentage of people checking their email on a mobile device is steadily growing, so be sure you’re using mobile-responsive templates when sending email campaigns and communications.

If your subscribers can’t read your messages, at the very least they’ll just ignore them for a while, but eventually they’ll unsubscribe from your list.

Not using mobile optimized templates is like throwing customers away.

The Take-Away

With over 4 Billion users, email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and affordable ways businesses have for connecting with current and future customers.

Knowing what email marketing mistakes to stay away from helps you create professional communications that resonate with your readers and will help your sales grow.

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