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6 Reasons Why You Need an Email List

People often ask – Why Do I Need An Email List?

You might think:

  • I’m too busy with my business.
  • What if no one signs up?
  • What am I supposed to write about?
  • It takes a lot of time to generate newsletters.
  • I’m doing just fine without one.

But don't be fooled!


Reasons Why You Need an Email List:

Connecting with People

#1 - The main reason you need an Email List is to establish a direct and predictable method of connecting with people who are genuinely interested, and gave you permission to send them promotions, news and updates in their Email.

#2 – You have control over your list and you’re not influenced by decisions of others. You don't have full control over your Social Media accounts because you don’t “own” them. Policies can change. The rug can be pulled out from under you in seconds. There is no ranking system that limits your reach.

#3 - Your Social Media and List can work together to generate customers for your business. Statistics show that 96% of people aren’t ready to buy when visiting a website or viewing accounts on Social Media. If they visit your site, and aren’t ready to purchase, don’t let them forget about you … use your list communications to remind them of what you offer to solve their problems, and how you can fulfill their needs.


Increase Traffic with Email

#4 - Email Lists increase traffic and revenue. Statistics show Email Lists generate ten times higher conversions than Social Media campaigns - this is why opt-in Lists are more likely to convert subscribers into buying customers.

#5 - Email Lists can be highly targeted. You can run a myriad of tests to confirm which campaign performed best. You’re able to send out specific Emails to specific Subscribers. You have the power to delete subscribers who aren’t interested any longer. Plus many more available options for targeting your audience than on Social Media.



#6 - Custom Email addresses have always been sought after and remain number one in online marketing. All Social Media platforms ask for an Email address because the value of an Email address cannot be overstated. As of 2019, there are more than 5.5 billion active Email accounts, and approximately 3.4 billion active Social Media users.


Bottom Line:

An Email List is important whether you’re a business with a website, a non-profit organization or an active blogger on Social Media.

A Website, a Social Media presence and an Email List always work better when they reinvorce each other for one end goal.

Stay focused on your Subscriber List. The people on it have opted in because they like your products, services or organization.  Be diligent in showing them how you can enhance their lives and they will reward you with additional traffic, word of mouth referrals and an increase in revenue.


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