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How-To Email Segmentation Ideas

Did you know Email Segmentation helps to:

  • surge open rates
  • boost click rates
  • shrink unsubscribe rates

How Do You Partition Your Email Subscriber List?

Sending the same content to everyone on your List is like walking in the dark and never really connecting with anything solid.

Your buyers and clients are diverse and won’t all respond to the same thing in the same manner. You need to dig deeper to determine what Your List wants and needs. Reshaping and customizing your communications to appeal to your contrasting subscriber lists will produce better results.

Businesses differ, and there’s no right or wrong way in how to segment your lists. Basically you want to divide your Email Subscribers into smaller lists based on specific criteria that you choose. The segmentation criteria should be identifying information that will help you send relevant communications to each list group.

Helpful Ways to Segment Your List to Gain a Better Sense of Which Offers and Content Each Will Respond to Best:

New Subscribers


Purchase Behavior: Seasonal, Monthly, Cancellations, Online/Offline or Both, etc

Business Type: Small Business, Non-Profit, Franchise, eCommerce, Retail, etc

Business Industry: Real Estate, Landscaping, Restaurant, Home Business, etc

Preferences: How Often, Types such as Blog Posts, Updates, Discounts & Sales or All

Open Rate

Form Abandonment

Ecommerce Segmenting:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Purchase History
  • Amount of Purchase
  • Type of Purchase
  • Purchase Frequency

Common Segments Include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Location
  • Level of Education
  • Employment Type

Take a day and segment your Email List.

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