Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Organic ReachApr12019

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Tips for Increasing Your Social Media Organic Reach

What Exactly IS Organic Reach?

The term “Organic Reach” is basically a marketing metric. This metric is based upon the number of ‘unique individuals’ that have viewed content. On social media, it could be a post, stories, video, etc.

Organic Reach excludes paid promotional ads, and the use of promotional tools that manipulate a higher visibility ratio.

Increasing Social Media Organic Reach Strategies Include:

Past Performance Review of Posts
Every few weeks (or every couple of months) take a look at the reporting data on each of your social media platforms to determine:

  • What direction your stats go during different time frame posts, content topic, etc.
  • Organic results vs Paid results.
  • Number of followers reached vs number of non-followers reached.
  • Audience demographics.
  • Engagement per post.

Create Exclusive Content for Each Platform
Mix it up and post content in varied formats on each different social media channel, to target diverse audiences on each.

Explore Micro Communities
Develop community around any topic you’re passionate about (vegetable gardening, interior decorating, stamp collecting, etc). When it’s thriving, introduce and cross-reference your audience to your Business social media account.

Venture into Video
Video consistently performs well on all of the social media channels, so post video once or more a week to see how much your reach improves.

Become Informed of Each Social Media Algorithm
Each social media channel has their own unique algorithm designed to bring attention to the most relevant content.

Facebook top ranking factors are:

  • Comments
  • Reactions
  • Comment Replies
  • Messenger Link Sharing
  • Engagement from Shares

Signals from:

  • Average Time Spent on Content
  • When Posts are Made
  • Post Type
  • Page Profile Completeness

Ways to Boost Facebook Organic Reach include focusing on:

  • Live Trending Video
  • Community Building
  • Businesses customer engagement in Groups
  • Quality Content that generates meaningful interaction
  • Creative Posts that attract Local engagement

Instagram top ranking factors are:

  • Timely Relevant Posts
  • Consistent User Engagement
  • User Interest

Signals from:

  • Frequency
  • Following
  • Usage

Ways to Boost Instagram Organic Reach include focusing on:

  • Create Content to Encourage Engagement
  • Know Your Followers and What they Want
  • Consistently Engage with Comments Users Post

Twitter top ranking factors are:

  • User Engagement with Clicks, Retweets, Favorites and Impressions
  • How Recent the Tweet was Published
  • Type of Rich Media users Engage With

Signals from:

  • Account Number of Followers
  • Account Location relative to Users
  • Last User visit to Account

Ways to Boost Twitter Organic Reach include focusing on:

  • Include Deliberate and Relevant #Hashtags
  • Tweet at Optimum Time for Audience
  • Consistent Active Presence
  • Post Video, Photos and Gifs
  • Reprocess and Revamp Top Performing Content

After incorporating the suggestions listed above, refer to your specific social media statistical data to uncover which strategies are increasing your organic reach. Continue to tweak your social media channel posting efforts for growing your Brand and social media account following.