Using Snapchat for BusinessJan62017

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Using Snapchat for Business

Using social media to grow your business has become a standard in the marketing world. Any business can benefit from reaching out to their customers on social media platforms. However, some of us have an odd tendency to only focus on one platform at a time. While it might be slightly more cost effective to dedicate those budget dollars towards one specific platform and focus on perfecting it, the reality is that ignoring other social media networks is a really bad idea.

Some social media sites offer a much bigger audience than others, but ignoring additional potential growth from other sites is a big mistake, especially when similar content can be utilized for nearly all platforms.

One such site to look out for is Snapchat. This social media platform has grown rapidly over the past few years. It is estimated that out of all social media users out there, about 23% of them are using Snapchat or at least have a valid Snapchat account.

Reaching more customers and broadening your audience is vital for any business, but doing it through Snapchat can require some “outside of the box” thinking since this platform is very different from Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few things you should focus on when working with Snapchat to grow your business:

Demo Your Products or Services
A variety of different companies, including Amazon, have reaped the benefits of demoing their products through Snapchat. Showing off your unique products, new software, or exceptional service can draw in crowds of online social media users. Amazon knew this when they used Snapchat to give a personality and a voice to Echo. This virtual speaker is now known as Alexa.

Use Other Influencers
There are hundreds of users who have already gained a significant amount of followers on Snapchat. Why not use those influencers to promote your business or product? Get in contact with influencers who have a similar audience base as your brand and make a deal they can’t refuse. The exposure from these influencers should help you gain additional customers and clients. However, choose your influencers carefully. The final results of your campaign can vary according to your influencer.

Exclusive Access
This one is pretty easy. Give your Snapchat followers “exclusive” access or previews to future or current products. This can create some major buzz around your company. Use it as a way to stimulate your current customers and get them excited about your brand. They will spread the word and get other people involved. Seriously, who doesn’t like to have access to “exclusive” stuff?

Promotional Codes
Want people to be super happy about shopping in your store or on your website? Use promo codes! Give your customers and potential future customers what they want, a way to save on their purchases. Release these promo codes exclusively on Snapchat and you are guaranteed to increase your follower base.

Feature Your Followers
This one is huge. Any company or business that becomes too self-obsessed will gain negativity on social media. What we mean by this is that you should reach out to your followers and recognize them whenever they do something related to your brand or product. You can even take it a step further and reward them for using your services or products when they share it on Snapchat.

Obviously, the above few ideas aren’t the only ones out there when it comes to increasing your followers on Snapchat. There are many other things that you can do. However, these basic actions are known to work well and produce results, which is why we recommend them for any business or brand who wants to grow their business using Snapchat.