Why a Good Business Domain MattersJul192021

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Why a Good Business Domain Matters

Choosing a Domain name for your business website seems like it should be a simple task – but in reality it isn’t.

Pairing a relevant Domain name with the proper TLD extension for your business is crucial.

Remember –

A Domain name is a direct representation of your Brand, and intertwines with everything from Social media posts to marketing assets to digital ads.

Going with the right Domain name at the start of every business journey can:

  • Be one of the best marketing investments ever made.
  • Contribute to the growth and longevity of a business.
  • Escalate the Brand and set it apart from competitor companies.

Tips for Navigating the Selection Process of a Business Domain Name

Matchy Matchy Isn’t Mandatory

  • Your business Domain name doesn’t have to match your business name, although it’s preferable.
  • If your business name isn’t available as a Domain name think about adding a relevant prefix or suffix to your business name. If you’re local only, you may consider adding a geo-location to your Domain name.
  • If none of the above is possible, then focus on unique, distinctive, and brandable. 

Short is Good

  • The average Domain length is 13 characters. 
  • Rule of thumb is - the shorter the Domain name the better.
  • Short names are easier to remember, type and spell. 
  • Short names are also easier to navigate to directly on smartphones.
  • Avoid hyphens and duplicate letters which require extra effort to remember and type. 

Use the Best Extension 

  • Hands-down, Dot-com Domains are the most memorable.
  • Most people will automatically type ‘.com’ at the end of every Domain without even thinking about it.
    They’re eyes see .biz or .info but they’re typing .com.
  • If your business is extremely specialized, then perhaps a specialized extension may do well by your Brand. Consider the pros and cons before committing to a non ‘.com’ Domain.

Protect Your Brand

  • Perform a Google search for the Domain name you want to register to see if any similar names exist that may cause confusion in the future for your Brand.
  • Check Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to confirm no one is already using your desired Domain name.

Don’t Dawdle

  • Everyday thousands of people are looking for brandable Domain names.
  • Once you’ve decided on a Domain name – don’t wait to register it.
  • Mulling for even a day can mean someone else already snatched it up.

Domain Name Availability

Use this lookup tool to see if the Domain you want is available.

  • Just enter a name or keyword, and click Search.
  • A screen will appear displaying available names with extensions.
  • You may click ‘Give me more suggestions!” for more names. 

Get it Registered

If the Domain you want is available - go ahead and register it asap!

To protect your business longevity and Brand, register all five TLD extensions (top level domain).

Businesses should initially register: .com - .net - .info - .org - .biz


If you only register one extension - then someone else can come along and register your Domain name with a different extension.

Registering each top level TLD safe-guards your business reputation and Brand against future infringement.

Secure Social Media

  • Once you’ve registered your Domain name, protect that name on all Social media.
  • Register with each Social media platform and reserve your Domain name.
  • Even if you don’t plan on being active on Social media right now, no one else can take your name.