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"Chip" Elliott, formerly a priest at Grace Episcopal Church and presently an integral member and treasurer of the Connecticut Widows Sons motorcycle group, took charge of revitalizing the group's online presence. Seeking innovative ideas, he engaged Hosting Connecticut for their expertise and guidance. Elliott stressed the urgent need for a website overhaul, describing the current site as outdated and basic. The primary objective was to elevate it to a more polished and professional standard, aiming to boost fundraising efforts and effectively showcase their upcoming charity rides with flair. The Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is a global fraternity of Master Masons bonded by their love for motorcycle adventures alongside their fraternal brothers. Serving as a dynamic Masonic Booster Club, they passionately raise awareness and extend support to various charitable causes, including Dream Ride, CT Skydive for Vets, and Autism bicycle charities. The Connecticut chapter stands out for its vibrant diversity, housing members from different lodges, each sporting unique and fascinating motorcycles.

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“The website was old and very rudimentary,” said Elliott. “We needed someone to help us make it professional so we could improve donations and promote our upcoming charity rides.”

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The Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is an international group of Master Masons who enjoy riding motorcycles with their fraternal brothers. The Widows Sons serve as a Masonic Booster Club, helping to raise awareness of the group and the charities they support like Dream Ride, CT Skydive for Vets and Autism bicycle charities. The Connecticut chapter is very diverse with members from different lodges with a variety of unique motorcycles.
HostingCT reviewed the CT Widows Sons’ website and identified several areas that could be improved to provide a professional look for the public and a mobile friendly experience for members viewing the site from the open road.
With HostingCT’s experience, and collaboration with Elliott, the team created a new website with a bold, dynamic style.

“We wanted to get people excited about the group, its camaraderie and especially the charities,” said Paula Pierce, owner of HostingCT. “I love the photo we used on the ‘About’ page. At first it just looks like an old biker gang, but it’s really a great shot of the guys with the Masonic symbol behind them and grins on their faces. They are such a fun combo of bikes and charities.”

With the new website, members are finding it easier to find out about upcoming events, especially those sponsored by lodges overseas so they can find a ride to join while abroad. And for non (future) members, the about, contact and donation info is right up front so it’s easy to learn more about the group, to join, or to donate to causes they support.

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