1 Easy Backlink Marketing Method Google Won’t Penalize You ForOct82018

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1 Easy Backlink Marketing Method Google Won’t Penalize You For

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are any link on or in a website page pointing (linking) to your website.

Back in the day, link exchanges were a common way to build backlinks to and from websites. People started building site highways and interconnecting them with hundreds, and in some cases – thousands - of reciprocal links that lead to Google dropping the proverbial hammer.

Blog Posts

Blog posting is an effective and easy backlink marketing method that’s not frowned upon by Google - as long as the Blog sites you post on and link from - are relevant to your website topic.

When posting and adding comments on other websites:

  • Seek out Blog sites relative to your business niche.

  • Make sure your comment adds value.

  • Use text that doesn’t sound like an advertisement.

  • Don’t overdo keywords.

How to Find Relevant Blogs for Posting

  • Start with Blogs you read yourself.

  • Research competitors by analyzing their backlinks.

  • Search for niche similar Blogs using Google Search.

  • Look for sites that are considered authoritative and trustworthy.

Let’s say you’re business sells Camping gear. Perform searches in Google (or Bing) to uncover relevant websites accepting Comment posts:

{example Searches below}

Search term: winter camping gear “submit comment”

easy backlink marketing method

Search term: diy camping “submit comment”

backlink marketing

Search term: summer camping how to “leave comment”

easy backlink marketing

Apply search terms to your business niche.

Perform multiple searches using a few different variables:

your business niche “leave a reply”
your business niche “leave comment”
your business niche “submit comment”
your business niche “comment”

Get Your Blog Post Approved

Many if not most Blogs pass new Comments through a moderator, who approves or denies publication. A few things to include in your Comment post to ensure it gets approved:

  • In the Name box, just enter your name – not a target keyword.

  • In the Email box, enter a valid email address.

  • In the Website box, you can leave this blank if you’re including a link to your site in the Comment text.

  • In the Comment box, write your Comment keeping in mind to include relevant information of how the Post pertains to you and your website. Include one keyword or keyword phrase. Weave your website or site page Link into your Comment.

Adding Blog posts to a weekly site maintenance task list, you’ll find that over time you’ll be able to extend your Brand’s reach while establishing your website as a trusted authority in your niche.

How to See Backlinks to Your Website Without Using a Backlink Tool:

In Google Search > Type >

link: website.com –site: website.com

(“website.com” is the URL you’re performing the search on)

Here is a backlink search for hostingct.com:

How to View Backlinks to Your Website Pages in Google Search Console:

Additional Search Console Information:

Using Google Search Console:

Google’s View on Link Schemes: