4 Digital Marketing Tips for Small BusinessesAug242020

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4 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

When day-to-day business is affected by events we can't control - people are searching for ways to generate more exposure, increase revenue, and gain more of a market presence for their small businesses.

Increasing Your Digital Marketing Efforts Will:

  • Expand Online Sales.
  • Promote New Buyer Connection.
  • Resonate with Existing Customers.

1)   Use Re-marketing / Re-targeting

Re-marketing is advertising to people you already have a connection with, and would include your Email subscriber base, Website visitors, and Social media fans and followers.

The major platforms offer re-marketing tools. Google Ads, Constant Contact, and Facebook who labels their tool as Custom Audiences.

2)   Be More Creative with Social Media

  • Promote Interactive Content.
  • Leverage User Generated Content more.
  • Use Consistent Cross-Channel Marketing.
  • Create Low-Cost Contests and Giveaways.

3)   Utilize Facebook Live or Instagram Live

Offer scheduled offer-based donation:

  • Classes/Instruction.
  • Educational content.
  • Tutorials.
  • How-To’s.
  • Product Reviews.

4)   Offer People What They Need Across These Channels:

  • Begin Using Video Marketing
  • Use Email Marketing to Connect More with Customers
  • Expand Website Marketing

Use our tips and take a close look at how you can improve and/or expand your digital marketing efforts for your business. Think about what your customers and clients need, and how you can modify your digital marketing to adjust to changing consumer climates.


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