4 Tips for Creating a Strong Online Brand IdentityJun102019

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4 Tips for Creating a Strong Online Brand Identity

How strategic have you been in defining your online Brand identity?

If you're a company without competitors - then everyone will buy from you because there’s no other choices. However, a company without competitors is virtually non-existent.

There are so many businesses competing for the same customers, it's imperative to make your Brand unique, relatable and trustworthy.

Many times small businesses overlook the important factor of separating themselves from the crowd. Strengthen and separate your Brand from the crowd by kicking up your Brand identity a notch with these helpful tips:


Keep your images, company information, and messaging consistent on your website, Blog, within Social Media accounts, in your newsletter, on other sites where your Brand may reside ... such as Yelp and other review sites, directories, forums, online and offline advertising, marketing materials, etc, etc.

Brand Bio

  • What is your Brand about?
  • What are your company values?
  • How does your Brand impact the lives of others?
  • What goals is your business working toward for the future?

A Brand Bio aka mission statement helps to build customer trust, communicates what your company stands for, and explains ways in which your Brand is unique.

Everyone On the Same Page

Communicate on a regular basis with employees and Brand reps to ensure everyone involved with your business has a clear understanding of your company's:

  • Core Values.
  • Customer Target Demographic.
  • History, Goals and Code of Conduct.

Brand Perception

Ask for feedback from your customers on a regular basis.

  • Why do they buy from your company?
  • What do they experience when interacting with your employees?
  • Do they recommend your Brand to friends and family? Why or Why Not?

Get feedback by posting a website survey, sending follow-up Emails, Social Media questions, etc, etc.

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