6 Tips to Increase Website Visits from Social MediaAug92021

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6 Tips to Increase Website Visits from Social Media

How active is your business on Social media?

Now’s the time to up your game, because online time has never been higher.

Did You Know?

Online and digital use during the past 18 months has increased by 43%.
(resource: smartinsights)

Online Time Upsurge

People are spending more time online for several reasons:

  • Researching companies, services and products.
  • Online shopping. 
  • Connecting socially with those who share common interests.

Key Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Consistent and well-planned Social media marketing strategies pay off big with:

  • Increased Brand Exposure.
  • Increased Website Visitors.
  • Increased Lead Generation.
  • Increased Sales/Donations.
  • Increased Follower Loyalty.

Ways to Boost Website Visits with Social Media

TIP #1    Add Social Proof to Your Site

Optimize by including social media comments, reviews, feedback, praise of your products/services, and feedback into your website content. Also include any media coverage your Brand has received. 

TIP #2    Use Social Platforms Creatively

If your Brand already utilizes Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, consider posting to Pinterest and Reddit.

  • In the first quarter of 2021, Pinterest enjoyed a 30% increase of visits over the previous year - that equaled to over 478 million monthly viewers. Women represent 6 out of 10 Pinterest active visitors, so
    it’s an untapped platform if women are one of  your company’s target demographic. Generate website traffic by pinning your Blog content along with product images and reviews.
  • Another Social opportunity is Reddit, with over 52 million daily active visitors. Post questions, share informational and educational content with subtle references tied back to your site. Post comments to propagate connections - if people find your comments and information useful - they’ll want to explore your website. Reddit is not a platform to directly promote your site, just provide value.

TIP #3    Promote Wisely

Don’t be shy about using Social media to promote relevant website content and Blog posts.

  • Once a week, socially include a value filled Blog post to increase it’s visibility. Use teasers or excerpts in Social posts with a link – which is the perfect opportunity to tempt viewers to visit your site and read more.
  • Post about and link your website how-to’s, and/or product videos.
  • Entice new followers by promoting older, relevant site content that will peak interest.

TIP #4   Visibility Works

Use video on Social channels to increase trust and connection with your Brand.

  • Videos have proven to garner the best viewer interaction. Once a week, ask people to DM (direct message) you with their questions, then answer them in your weekly video session.
  • Create video presentations with a transparent call-to-action (CTR) asking people to visit your website.
  • Creating a deeper Brand connection cultivates more engagement, more followers, more site visitors, and more sales.

TIP #5   Time Your Posts 

As in life – timing is everything. Don’t socially post blindly. Post when it’ll be most effective.

  • Review each of your Social channels data to reveal which days of the week, and which hours of the day your channel is most active.
  • Schedule your posts in-advance, for the optimal day/time.

TIP #6   Integrate Customer Service into Social Channels

Your response to questions, comments, and complaints on Social media gives readers and followers a clear indication of what they can expect from your Brand as a customer. Always refer people back to your website (when applicable), to get more information about a product / service / policy, etc.

  • Engage your audience.
  • Be responsive.
  • Ask questions.
  • Make comments.
  • Answer questions.
  • Reply to comments.
  • Defuse complaints.


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