7 Tips for Growing Your Business Facebook Organic ReachSep242018

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7 Tips for Growing Your Business Facebook Organic Reach

#1 – Post and Schedule Consistent Content

Facebook can become a direct line of communication between you and your audience. When people begin to view you as an authority in your niche, the information you post will begin forming a connection your viewers will count on. They’ll share and like your posts more frequently.

Create a weekly schedule for your Facebook posts and stick to it. Include images, and video when possible. Take advantage of holidays and events to post personal and business related content.

#2 – Make People Aware of Your Facebook Presence

Cross link all of your other social media channels to your Facebook page. Place a Facebook feed on your Blog/website to your Facebook page. It’ll perk interest and people will start interacting on your Facebook page.

#3 – Use Your Facebook Page as a Community Hub

Hold discussions, talk about new products/services, ask people questions that will start a conversation, hold weekly Q&A sessions – all will encourage posts, Shares and Likes.

#4 – Make Use of Timeless Content

Post content that will be just as relevant today, as it would be useful a few years from now. People cycle. In a few years your current audience may transition to a different target group. Depending on your niche, if you can consistently post content that will stand the test of time, your Facebook page will always offer content a variety of age groups will appreciate.

#5 – Create Groups for Your Most Engaged Followers

Start a community Group within Facebook and communicate with those who are your steadfast audience. Hold weekly or monthly chats, sessions or meetings giving everyone the opportunity to share, ask questions and interact with you and each other. Most groups are formed for those who identify with a particular lifestyle, Brand, product or service.

#6 – Include Links in Posts

Whenever relevant, include links back to your website in Facebook posts. This works to drive traffic to your Blog/website and allows people more opportunities to spend time on your site.

#7 – Ask Your Audience What They’d Like More Of

Every few months, ask your Facebook followers what type of content they’d like to see more of. Use the results for new content to your site, and new posts to your Facebook page. Analyze each new post against your follower demographic so you can base future posts on the most successful content.