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Boost Your Newsletter Content Using Holidays

Traditional and non-traditional year round Holidays are an opportunity providing a never-ending loop for content to include in your newsletters.

Research shows 90% of people like to receive promotional Emails from businesses they buy from, so Holidays are a great way to engage your list with teasers and subtle promotions all year round.

Be sure to maximize your audience by proactively building your list from all channels:

  • On your Website
  • At Events and In-Store
  • Through Blogs
  • On Social Media Channels

Constant Contact, an automated Email list vendor, offers a helpful printable that’s updated each year, and includes:

  • Monthly List for writing in Holidays and Special Events
  • List of Monthly 2019 Holidays
  • Monthly Calendars with space to jot entries for Email Marketing Planning

Monthly List:

Use this printable to list holidays and events you want to write about in your newsletter:

Email Marketing Opportunities

2019 Holidays

Use upcoming Holidays to share sales, new products or services, new inventory, tips and gift ideas:

2019 Holidays

Monthly Planning Calendar

Full page monthly calendar (one page per month) with space to plan your yearly Email marketing:

Email Marketing Monthly Planning Calendar

Did You Know?

A great source for unusual and fun national Holidays is National Day Calendar, a site with ongoing updates throughout the year,

Click on a month to view:

Marketing Email Calendar at a Glance 

For each month, you may choose from:

  • National Days
  • National Week Observances
  • National Month Observances
  • International Days

Let’s use January National Days as an example, Click on “January National Days”:

Each day displays a list of Unique Celebrated Days:

Unique Celebrated Days

There are so many different Holidays listed, just choose one or two each month that applies to your niche.
Click on a specific Holiday to learn a little trivia and background about each.

Creatively weave these unique celebrated days and dates into your newsletter, and write a funny story or include a funny photo of how you or your business participate and/or celebrate the day. Using traditional and non-traditional holidays, you now have a plan to communicate with your subscribers at least once a month.


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