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Email Marketing - Get Local

Regardless of your business niche, Local Email Marketing benefits small businesses in multiple ways including your ability to strengthen customer relationships and build Brand loyalty  - both help your business continue growing.

Bonding with customers and creating an open line of communication via Email Marketing allows community consumers to communicate their needs and wants, something that's difficult to accomplish with other marketing efforts.

Strategies for Local Email Marketing

Less is More:
It's better to send one interesting and meaningful communication per week than multiple predictable Emails that most likely won't be opened.

Local Subjects:
Relate Subject Lines to your Local area/region/community to increase open rates and customer retention.

Nix the Text Link:
Many websites still use a single link asking people to sign up for their newsletter. Switch out to an embedded opt-in form, which can boost subscription by up to 50%.

Related Local Offer:
Increase overall sales by sending occasional related Local offers that buyers can use when making a purchase. Might be for an in-store purchase only, or a discount code to use on a second item purchased online.

Mobile Friendly:
Over 55% of people read their Email on their mobile devices, and they're also making purchases. It's important to make sure your Email design is 100% compatible for all screen types and formats, as well as any webpages your Email links to.

Automate for Success:
Small businesses spend less time and less money by using Email Automation that boosts sales, and generates website visitors.  get and stay organized while growing a client/customer base.

Create a visual experience using Before and After photos of your Local service and/or products.

Brand Reflection:
Your Email communications should mirror your Brand and be immediately recognized by the reader.
Think colors, fonts, flow, navigation.

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