Email Subject Lines That Get OpenedJan132017

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Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

There are millions of emails that never get opened because of their poor subject lines. No matter how important or vital the content of your email is, if it doesn’t have a subject line captivating enough for the average user then your message will fall onto deaf ears.

Most of us are familiar with having dozens or even hundreds of unread emails in our inbox, but only some of them have been opened and checked to see what’s inside. Some of those emails even ended up in our spam folder and yet we still opened them to check out what the fuss is all about.

So why is it that we open some emails while letting others collect digital dust? The answer is very simple: we skim the subject line of that specific email and notice something interesting which causes us to open the email.

But what are these captivating subject lines? Which ones work and which ones don’t? Read on to find out how to increase the chances of your email being opened with these three subject line ideas.


  1. No Nonsense Subject Lines

    Email subject lines that get straight to the point are the most likely to be opened. No nonsense, just pure and quick information to save as much time as possible. These are perfect to quickly notify your user or customer of a purchase or change in their agreement. They also create a perfect opportunity to sneak in additional advertising. Keep in mind that you need to get to the point quick and cover your bases without wasting time. Only then should you show off additional products or services.

  2. Humorous Subject Lines

    We all love to laugh! So why not use humor to your advantage and make a captivating email subject line that will stand out amongst all the serious ones in your customers’ inbox? You do have to be careful. Humor is unique to each individual in its own way, meaning that some people might not find your stuff funny. However, if you know your target audience, then making the perfect joke subject line should be a snap and will produce emails that actually get read.

  3. Shocking Subject Lines

    Seriously, pretty much every single one of us is curious beyond belief. A simple controversial email subject line will have us bursting with curiosity until we open that email and read on. Just keep in mind that you have to be careful with these types of subject lines, as well. If whoever it is you are emailing opens that specific “shocking” email and finds pictures of cute kittens and puppies in there, you might be losing a customer or two. Make sure your email actually contains interesting information!

Subject lines are the first thing your client or customer sees. You need to get their attention with just a few words. Keep in mind that time is important, you have to use as few words as possible while still maintaining the perfect level of curiosity, humor, or precision. Remember, you are the only person who knows your audience, so use this to your adventage.