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Fancy New Video Tools from Facebook

Facebook recently announced new receptiveness tools for live streaming, an updated Messenger interface, an updated Download Data Tool and a Quiet Time feature that will enhance both business usage, and enrich the overall experience for regular users.

For those who rely on screen readers due to hearing challenges, an “audio only” live mode will be also become available for automatic captions.

To help strengthen their Brand, businesses will want to leverage these new tools and test them out to reach more viewers.

New Tools Rolling Out Include:

Messenger Desktop App for Group Video Calls and Chats

This new standalone app lets people engage in group chats and group videos from laptops and desktops. Businesses will find this helpful to connect with small client groups, and can also be used for internal communications.

  • Invite anyone to join your video call, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.
  • Rooms will allow up to 50 people.
  • Can start and share Rooms on Facebook through Groups, News Feed and Events.
  • Soon will be able to create Rooms from Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal.

Read more about Facebook Messenger Desktop and Facebook Messenger Rooms.

Quiet Mode

Allows people to silence all notifications, and lets users walk away from their smartphone or desktop screens.

Read more detail on Quiet Mode at Facebook Data Access Tools.

Updated Download Data Tool

With the objective of offering more transparency in reference as to why people are seeing ads showing up on their feeds, this updated tool lets registered users download three new sections of information on their own activity.

The new report data includes:

  • Interactions on both Facebook and Instagram including post likes, their own profile updates, comments, and more.
  • Interprets how Facebook pairs up a registered user’s specific interaction with content they believe is relevant.
  • A list of categories assigned to Instagram accounts a user engaged with, and specifically what types of content Instagram thinks they’re interested in when determining what to show in the Explore section of their app.

New Video Features Help Businesses Build Audiences

As Facebook continues to introduce new video features, businesses should seriously consider implementing video to connect with consumers, increase Brand discovery and motivate return viewer visits.

How to Make a Video for Facebook

Using a smartphone and your creativity along with a few Apps and you’ll be able to publish lively, entertaining and informational videos for your audience.

How to Create a Video Tutorial from Facebook

Apps to Use Include:

Record in this app to capture a product or activity in action.

Used to animate images and add text.

Creates smooth time-lapse videos. Record a video with Hyperlapse and then increase the video speed.
The app automatically fixes shaky footage.

One-Minute Tutorials for:

Boomerang, for fun looping videos.

Legend, lets you put words into motion.

Ripl, add animation to photos.

Videoshop, edit videos like a pro.

Ideas and Examples

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