How a Magic Landing Page is Like the Perfect CheesecakeDec22019

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How a Magic Landing Page is Like the Perfect Cheesecake

People Will Click for that First Bite!!!

While the term "Landing Page" gets thrown around a lot in online Marketing, not all that many people really understand what it means - much less how it differs from a website or homepage, or even why Landing Pages are necessary.

Many website owners have no idea what a Landing Page is, so if you’re not familiar with the term, don’t feel alone. At the very least - everyone needs a custom Landing Page for list Sign-ups, Social media posts and product/service campaigns.

What’s a Landing Page and Why Do You Need Them?

A Landing Page is a single webpage created for one specific purpose as part of an online Marketing campaign. It’s where users "land" after they click on a link in a Social media post, a Buy now button/link, a sign-up Email button/link, an Ad, etc, etc.

A Landing Page is only accessed through a direct link, is often temporary, and can be changed or updated frequently. A Landing Page has only one goal: to convert.

In online Marketing, a "conversion" is often a:

  • Donation to a nonprofit campaign
  • Sign-Up for your newsletter
  • Purchase of a Product
  • Service Scheduled
  • Registration for an Event
  • Trial Membership

Reasons to Create a Landing Page include:

  • Showcase a product or service
  • One-time-only offers (think of  BOGO ads on Facebook)
  • Sharing videos or infographics
  • Surveys
  • Saying thank you and/or supplying a coupon or coupon code
  • For a special sale (think holidays or clearance)
  • Downloadable materials

Key Elements of a Magic Landing Page

  • It's Relevant
  • It's Impactful
  • It's Concise
  • It FulFills a Promise

A Magic Landing Page has the potential to motivate 1000’s of clicks and sales in one day, and must include:

  • All the Right Elements
  • Images that Resonate with Readers
  • One Call-to-Action (CTA)

How are Your Landing Pages Working Out for You?

Investing time and effort to create customized, perfect Landing Pages can bring in new customers and increase sales.

The best landing pages are a result of extreme attention to detail, a clear goal, a lot of thought, and constant testing.

If creating effective Landing Pages isn't your cup of tea, don't hesitate to ask your website specialist to create one or several for your next few campaigns.

Constant Contact, a leading automated Email Marketing platform includes easy to use, preformatted Landing Pages as part of their service packages. Take advantage of their 60 day free-trial (no credit card required) to see how many new sales you can make in the next sixty days. Learn more about the free-trial here.


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