How Brands are Using Emojis in Email MarketingJul122021

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How Brands are Using Emojis in Email Marketing

Have you been wondering what those tiny images are in the subject line of email you receive?

Each one of those tiny images is called an Emoji, and they’re being used more and more to attract the eye of the reader, create urgency and trigger emotions.

  • Emojis are not 100% utilized in the business world but they’re catching on.
  • People are scanning and sifting through countless emails every day on multiple platforms.
  • Emojis have come to help readers prioritize email and sort through what’s important and what’s not.
  • Marketing email has seen a spike in open rates that include an Emoji.

Did You Know?

Studies show 64% of people say they open an email because of its subject line, and more than half of people say they’re more likely to look at an email from a Brand that uses an Emoji in the headline.

Businesses using an Emoji in their email subject line and/or pre-header have found on average:

  • A 29% increase in their email open rates.
  • A 28% increase in the click-through rates.

What is an Emoji?

Emojis date back to 1999, and are small digital images or icons of faces, objects or symbols used to express an idea or emotion.

Emojis have found their way into just about everything digital – from social media to ads to customer correspondence.

Example of an Emoji: 

example of an emoji

What’s the Difference Between an Emoji and an Emoticon?

Emoticons are punctuation marks, letters, and numbers used to create pictorial icons that generally display an emotion or sentiment.

List of Emoticons

Example of Emoticons:

example of emoticons

Keep in Mind

As Brands venture further into using Emojis in email communications, a few lessons have been learned:

  • When selecting an Emoji for your email subject line (or pre-header) think about the emotion you want to convey, and the idea you’re emphasizing.
  • Always use the proper Emoji for the context.
  • Send test emails to yourself to confirm all is displaying properly.
  • Run A/B testing to determine what works best for your Brand.
    Test on segmented lists and send half with an Emoji, the other half without. Continue this over a set period of time with varied types of email communications. Test using different types of Emojis - one, and then multiple. Analyze your data to determine if a pattern develops, and if your audience is Emoji receptive. 

How to Insert an Emoji Into an Email Subject Line or Pre-header

We’re using Emoji email insertion instructions from Constant Contact as they offer their own ‘Emoji Picker’ – that makes it quick and easy to add Emojis to any and all emails – right in the dashboard.

Note:  These overall instructions may vary depending upon which automated email program you’re using.

Navigate to begin a new email or campaign, as you normally would do.

Click anywhere in the header to edit it.

Click on the ‘smiley face icon’ in the Subject field:

how to insert emoji into subject line

Select an Emoji from the list to insert it into your subject line.
Note the Egg Emoji has been selected below:

add emoji to subject line of email 

Click ‘Save’ to close the header.

When you're finished editing your email, click ‘Continue’ to schedule it to send to your contacts.

Note: Additional Emojis are available on the internet. is a good resource that gives you:

  • A description of what each Emoji means.
  • Shows you different display variations across different platforms, example: Party Popper – click to view.
  • Lets you easily copy the Emoji to paste into your subject line.

Small Sampling of Brands Using Emoji in Marketing Email

Well-known companies:

Small Sampling of Brands Using Emoji in Marketing Email

Small businesses and internet companies:

 Small businesses and internet companies Using Emoji in Marketing Email

Emoji Use Across Varied Platforms

Using Emojis on iPhone and iPad

Using Emojis on Android

Using Emojis on Mac

Using Emojis on Windows Desktop

Automated Email and Segmentation

Automated email and segmentation is key for businesses serious about being successful on the internet. If you haven’t chosen your automated email provider yet – learn more about the Constant Contact free 60-day no-strings trial. Their system makes all facets of email marketing easy, and enjoyable.