Is Google Really the Only Local Search Game in Town? Dec162019

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Is Google Really the Only Local Search Game in Town?

While it isn't anything new for Businesses to optimize for Local Search - now more than ever it's crucial.

Most Business owners assume it's enough to focus on Google when it comes to Local Search efforts because they're “command central” in the Local Search game ... but statistics show it's just as important to develop a versatile Local Search strategy that includes all search outlets across the Internet.

According to a recent study (Brandify, consumers do use other channels besides Google Maps for Local search that include:

  • 77%, Google Maps
  • 38%, Facebook
  • 35%, Yelp
  • 32%, the Business' Website
  • 19%, Google Assistant/Home
  • 17%, Instagram
  • 16%, Apple Maps
  • 10%, Bing
  • 8%, Amazon Alexa

With a good percentage of buyers using a company’s Website, and Facebook to find information, products and services they want – making sure your Website and Facebook page is as perfect as possible, is very important.

Which Tools and Channels Do You Use to Find Information About Businesses in Your Local Area?

While this particular recent study didn't encompass a huge population base, it's clearly evident that Google isn’t the only game in town. It’s to the benefit of Businesses to also invest in focusing on other channels to bring in customers, and not risk losing them to competitors.

How Often Are Consumers Searching for Local Businesses?

  • 74%, at least once a week
  • 35%, multiple times per week
  • 18%, multiple times per day
  • 16%, multiple times per month

What are Consumers Searching For Locally?

  • 84%, restaurants
  • 52%, retail stores
  • 33%, medical facilities
  • 31%, grocery stores
  • 29%, gas stations

What Platform are Consumers Using for Local Search?

  • 81%, smartphone
  • 22%, laptop/desktop
  • 9%, tablet

What Local Search Information is Most Important to Consumers?

  • Hours of Operation
  • Contact Information
  • Reviews
  • Links to the Business website

Visible and accurate information on the Business website and in Directory listings are crucial.

What Actions Do Consumers Take After Doing a Local Search?

  • 56%, visit the Business in person
  • 36%, call the Business
  • 13%, send an Email or fill out a contact form

It's clear that people aren't only using Google Maps for Local Search.

Ask your web specialist to audit your Local Reach on the Internet. Also have them analyze your Website and optimize where needed.

If you're Business doesn't place well in Local Search, you're losing sales every day!