Is Your Business Floating or Treading Water??… 5 quick questions - see if you know the answers!Nov112019

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Is Your Business Floating or Treading Water??… 5 quick questions - see if you know the answers!

If you don’t know the answers to all of the questions below - you may need to refine your Business online marketing strategy.

#1:  How Do New Customers Find Your Business Online?

#2:  How Do You Build Relationships with New and Existing Customers?

#3:  How Do You Get Customers to Come Back and Make Repeat Purchases Again and Again?

#4:  How Do You Encourage Existing Customers to Share Your Business with Friends and Connections?

#5:  How Do You Evaluate Your Business Success and Make Smarter Choices?

Let’s Explore the Questions Above!

#1:  How do new customers find your business online?

The majority of people will find your business by starting with an online search. You can easily see what they’re seeing, and determine if you’re being represented properly to motivate people to visit your website.

  • Perform a Search in Google and other popular sites such as and Yelp.
  • Make a list of where your business turns up. Do any of the results surprise you? Is your business information correct?
  • Make a list of places your business should be listed but isn’t.

#2:  How do you build relationships with new and existing customers?

For any business to be successful, positive customer relationships are crucial.

To stay connected with people after they leave your website or store, you need to 'Wow' them whenever they engage with you. This will keep your business in the forefront, and they'll look to you first for making a purchase or making referrals.

  • Diagram your customer process and trace their experience. Correct flaws and snags.
  • Give customers a reason to connect with you. Small offers will sweeten the deal.
  • Make it fast and easy for customers to connect with you.
  • Keep all contact information in one place.

#3:  How do you get customers to come back and make repeat purchases again and again?

Growing a large customer base and customer loyalty takes time and effort to develop. Customer loyalty stems from if they like you, and if they trust you. If people like and trust your business, they’ll become your biggest supporters.

  • Set a revenue goal.
  • Understand what makes your customers (and potential customers) tick.
  • Understand your value as a business.
  • Create great offers.

#4:  How do you encourage existing customers to share your business with friends and connections?

Word-of-mouth is ‘huge’ for business growth. With the presence of Social Media, word-of-mouth referrals are no longer processed on just a one-to-one basis … but rather a one-to-many basis.

  • Survey your customer base to see which platforms they’re active on, and start first by interacting with the channel used by the majority.
  • No need to start with ‘all’ of them until you get a handle on the process and can commit the time it takes to post and monitor each.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule and publish a mix of content and promotion.
  • Check to see if all of the promotional channels you’ll be using have sharing capabilities because when you reach full-steam, this will be important.

#5:  How do you evaluate your business success and make smarter choices?

When you create offers, you’ll want to establish specific goals to determine what worked and where adjustments are needed.

  • Review each promotional channel/platform reports and look at Email opens, clicks, forwards, social shares, registrations, along with how many people made a purchase, shared content, redeemed offers.
  • Identify what worked well, and identify what didn’t work so well. Where can you make improvements?
  • Make a written plan for how to achieve or exceed your goal with the next offer.

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