Marketing for Millennials: 5 Social Networking Tips to Reach Today's Hyperconnected AdultsJul112022

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Marketing for Millennials: 5 Social Networking Tips to Reach Today's Hyperconnected Adults

Did you know? Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) are currently the largest population of adults in the world. There are approximately 1.8 billion millennials on the planet today, and in many ways, they are your ideal target market.

So how can you get their attention and make sure that your brand appeals to their preferences?

Social media marketing is your best bet. 79 percent of millennials use one type of social media at least once a day. Here are some tips to help you use social media marketing to your advantage in targeting millennials.

1. Make Social Engagement a Top Priority

How much do you interact with your social media followers?

Just posting industry related tidbits and promoting your products is not enough. Millennials enjoy doing business with brands that are responsive and quick to engage.

Use comments and mentions from your followers as an opportunity to interact. Reply to your followers, and encourage conversation among them. Ask questions in posts, and always look for opportunities to start conversations.

to get the most out of your social media engagement, you should measure and analyze your success. You may want to work with a social media management service to help you with anything from posting content to using social media analytics to create a social media marketing strategy that's tailored to your business.

2. Use Social Influencers

Have you ever considered hiring brand ambassadors to promote your products and services?

Millennials, like Gen Z (people born in the late 1990s and early 2000s), are more likely to buy a product based on a social influencer's recommendation than solely on the features or price of the product. The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend is the perfect example of today's social marketing hard at work with influencers at the helm.

Though it may seem cumbersome and expensive to seek out the right social influencers to promote your brand, working with influencers is surprisingly accessible and fruitful. For starters, you can choose if your brand would perform best under a grand influencer or with a microinfluencer, depending on your niche and advertising strategy.

Featuring testimonials and thorough reviews from existing customers is another powerful way to attract the millennial target market. Before you invest in social influencers, you can use your social networks to drum up some effective testimonials and product recommendations. Simply post a thread encouraging customers to share their favorite products or features, and why they enjoy that product so much. Encourage followers to post photos of themselves using the product, and you'll generate some promotional content for free. Instead of asking for reviews and photos out of context (which could come off as crass and too direct among your followers),  create a contest or selfie thread to encourage those posts.

3. Align Your Brand With a Positive Stance

Brand identity is extremely important to millennial consumers. Instead of focusing solely on what the product or service can do for them, millennials care about your brand's stance and ethics.

What is your backstory? What do you stand for? Are your products ethically sourced?

With previous generations, it was more effective to pinpoint a target market by age range, income bracket or marital status. When marketing to millennials, it's best you throw that strategy out the window. Instead, your target markets are grouped by the causes that consumers care about.

For instance, instead of marketing your product to single females in their teens and twenties, promote your brand as LGBT-friendly. You'll target a larger swath of consumers who will strongly resonate with your stance, resulting in increased conversions.

4. Create Concise Marketing Content

If you've ever wondered why apps like tiktok and Instagram shot up in popularity as quickly as they did, just take a look at this set of content-viewing stats. According to a 2020 report, most millennials and gen Z preferred watching videos that were one minute or shorter in length. 61 percent of these viewers watched these so-called mobile videos several times a day.

In other words, use short, concise content to win millennials' attention. Whether it's a picture post or a video, make sure that your content is authentic, interesting and snappy. Challenge yourself to tell your story or make your point in a minute or less, and you'll have Tiktok-worthy content ready to post.

Marketing to Millennials

Are you ready to make millennials your ideal target market?

By creating concise content, refining your brand stances and identity, and consistently engaging with your followers, you will boost your ROI and do more business with today's most prominent generation of adults. To learn more about digital marketing or web hosting, contact Hosting Connecticut. We're here to help you navigate the digital landscape, and you can count on us for professional social media marketing.