4 Local Business Digital Marketing TipsApr132022

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4 Local Business Digital Marketing Tips

As a local business, at times it may seem overwhelming to navigate the shifting landscape of digital marketing.

Here are a few important local business digital marketing tips to remember:

Tip #1 -  Be Digitally Present

People respond to creative and valuable content, so entertain and educate them.
Create a unique style and voice for your Brand that makes you stand out from competitors.



  • Create social media channels to promote your content, and be consistently active and engaged. 
  • Establish your business as an industry expert by following the 80/20 rule.
    (promote with 20% sales and 80% information, education, and entertainment)
  • Make use of paid social ads to promote your popular products and/or services.

Tip #2 – Shout What You Know

You started your business in a niche you understand, have a passion for, and are an expert in.

Share that knowledge:

  • In your website content, and blog articles.
  • In your social posts.
  • In your videos.

People will connect with that expertise through your digital marketing, and it will effect their buying decisions. 

Tip # 3 - Result Tracking

A local business can’t afford to roll along without knowing precisely how their digital marketing efforts are performing. If you don’t know today what your analytics are for last month, then you’re missing out.

Here are a few metrics you should know right now:

  • What’s you’re engagement ratio?
  • Which content pages are top performers?
  • What is your social reach per channel?
  • What is your email newsletter open and click rates?
  • What are your online conversion and sale figures?
  • Which digital campaigns are driving the most clicks, and sales?
  • How do your last three-months compare to the previous months (previous year)?

Tip #4 – Don’t Settle for Being Number 2

Some local businesses feel that organic search will save them, and it’s OK to be on page 2 or 3 of Google search results. The reality is – most searchers don’t even bother to view pages 2 or 3.

Today, local businesses can be number one with well-versed Google PPC ads that won’t break the bank. The increased conversions of being at the top of page one in the Google search results are substantial. 

In Google PPC ads you can:

  • Use local keyword targeting.
  • Use local service ads.
  • Mention local landmarks when applicable.


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