11 Ways Businesses Stretch Online Local ReachFeb222021

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11 Ways Businesses Stretch Online Local Reach

Attracting more Local customers is easier said than done.

Local businesses can leverage key ranking signals for better search engine local visibility.

Do you know what those ranking signals are?

Tips to help your business boost local organic visibility within search engines include:

1)  Bing Places for Business

  • Google is big, but Bing still claims a decent search engine market share.

2)   Google My Business (GMB)

  • Choose the correct categories within your GMB account.
  • Use as few categories as possible, and be sure they’re a true reflection of what your business does/offers. 

3)   Online Directories/Citations

  • Claim your business page on popular online directories.
  • You want accurate and enhanced information about your business on each.
  • Cultivate Citations on a regular basis.

4)    Review Sites

  • Claim your business listing on popular business Review sites.
  • Make sure each review site reflects accurate information about your business.
  • Claiming these listings gives you control over the company information, and also allows you the ability to address any negative comments.

5)   Photos on Business Pages, Directories, Review Sites

  • Take photos of your location, your products, your staff, and even your customers (with permission).
  • Photos lend credibility and promote a trust factor.

6)   Website Review Invitation Page

  • Create a section on your site inviting customers to leave reviews (with links to each review site).
  • Display an example of what key elements they might include in their review.
  • High quality reviews improve local visibility with the search engines and should include City/town and relevant local keywords.

7)   Social Media Listings

  • Create a Facebook Business page.
    Even if your business isn’t making use of Facebook, create a business page and update with a description, hours of operation, and a link to your site.
  • Claim and create a business account on all other social media platforms to include Twitter, Instagram  and LinkedIn.
  • Several times per month, post or tweet inviting viewers to visit your website or follow you on the social account you're most active on.   

8)   Consistent NAP

  • Ensure your business name, address, phone number and description is consistent (exactly the same)
    on all directory, review site and social media accounts. 
  • NAP = name + address + phone number.

9)   Localized Content

Regularly post local-related content on your website and on social media that include relevant local keywords.

10)   Mobile Responsiveness

Use this mobile-friendly Google tool to make sure your website is meeting the acceptable standard.

11)   Rich Results

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