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Open Sesame - Re-Engagement Email Strategy

Are your Emails not being opened?

Due to the sheer volume of emails people receive on a daily basis, it’s reasonable to assume not even half of them are opened, much less read.

It’s normal for a percentage of Email Subscribers on your lists to lose interest and stop opening Email from your Business – but if months go by with zero engagement click-throughs, then that becomes an issue on several levels.

An accepted non-engagement Email strategy is to send out a dedicated message to those dormant Subscribers who’ve not engaged with your Email for a pre-determined time period (3-months, 6-months, etc). Your message goal is to re-engage these Subscribers as active customers/clients.

Suggested Re-Engagement Email Content:

Subject Line

You’re not going to use a Subject Line that says “You Aren’t Opening Our Emails” and you aren’t going to tell people they’re wasting your time and resources – so it’s best to use friendly phrases such as “We Miss You” or “We Care About You” as an intro.

You can also use humor to initiate re-engagement – maybe use “Are You Ignoring Us?, “Did We Offend You?”, “Did We Do Something Wrong?” … you can probably think of more creative Subject Lines that best reflect your Brand.


  • Exclusive Deals - Often, the best way to re-engage Subscribers is to offer them an exclusive deal, while bringing attention to product/service improvements, new products/services since the last Subscriber engagement.
  • Pick One Free Offer – Give the Subscriber an either/or offer between two free perks. Might be a free download, or a 10% off coupon only good until the end of the day. Be creative.
  • Ask a Question – Do You Still Want to Hear from Us?  Present a feature list of everything an inactive Subscriber may have missed in the past few months. Remind them of free delivery, free shipping, your excellent customer service and return policy.
  • Non-profit organizations can ask Subscribers to repeat past generosity, and also give them the option to adjust their Email Subscription or frequency.
  • Ask idle Subscribers what they need from you and your Business to bring them back on as a customer.
  • Always include the option to adjust Email preferences using a Call-to-Action (CTA) button.

How Businesses process static Subscribers can make the difference between lost sales, and cultivating long-term buying customers. Ask questions, make new offers, take your content to the next level, make the effort to try new ways of getting your old customers back.


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