Pro-Active Local Small Business Marketing TipsMay102021

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Pro-Active Local Small Business Marketing Tips

Did You Know?

It's predicted during the next 12 months consumers will spend more, and will plan that spending wisely.

The Technology Path is Changing 

  • The ongoing shift is how people are relating to Brands.
  • Online marketers are finding personalization and automation a must.
  • Small businesses have to distinguish themselves, become relatable, and build community trust.

Something to Think About:

Which Type of Business Owner are You?

  • Plan well in advance but will adapt to ever-changing circumstances.
  • Have grown your business using skilled marketing specialists in order to take advantage of new online marketing opportunities.
  • Resistant and won’t implement new marketing tools that can be more effective.
  • Feel no changes are needed and things will ‘be better’ next year. 

Local Business Online Marketing Tips

If you’re a local business owner and don’t have the time or knowledge to audit your current online marketing strategy, then don’t hesitate to use the services of a trusted marketing specialist. Set your budget - set your goals, and let them take it from there.

1)  Online Booking

Add an online Appointment booking option to your website. This will streamline the sales cycle and allow customers to book appointments 24/7.

2)  Voice Search

Optimize your online exposure for Voice search to make sure customers can find you. Research shows consumers are 3x more likely to search locally when searching by Voice, and that 58% of buyers find local businesses using voice search.

3)  Chatbot

Add an AI-powered Chatbot to your site. Having become a favored method of customer service communication, they can process basic online inquiries with the ability to direct more complicated inquiries to your sales or customer service personnel.

Tips Local Business Owners May be Able to Initiate on Their Own:

1)  Google Ads Radius Targeting
Google Ads location targeting allows your ads to appear in the geographic locations of your choice, thereby serving ads to the right customers for your local business.

About radius targets for Google Ads location extensions.

Targeting the right locations for your business.

2)  Facebook Customer Review Promos
Promote recent customer reviews/testimonials on Facebook.

  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews.
  • Quickly spread Brand awareness and local reputation by running geo-targeted ads on Social media, and a good one to start with is Facebook.
  • Image ads on Facebook get attention. Use a relevant image with a short text snippet.

Facebook Business Ads

How to Create Facebook Ads 

Use Pablo from Buffer to customize images and add text overlay.

3)  Website Local Activities Guide
Create a local activities/events guide on your website.

  • Zone in on local and community events in a dedicated area of your site.
  • Create useful, location based guides using rich keywords and links that intertwine back to your products and services.
  • Will help to build your Brand awareness along with bringing in groups of people that may be unfamiliar with your business.
  • Cross-promote this content on your Social media channels.

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