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Quick Tips for Facebook Marketplace Buying and Selling

Facebook Marketplace is the new “it” place to buy and sell just about anything and everything.

Here are a few quick tips for both Sellers and Buyers!

Login to https://facebook.com/marketplace

Facebook automatically picks up on your location, but you can enter a location zipcode, or city and state:

Tips for Facebook Marketplace Buying and Selling

You can Search for specific items, or use the Categories:

Buying and Selling on Facebook Categories

You can also drill down within the Categories to find items you’re interested in:

Buying and Selling on Facebok

Tips for Selling and Buying on Facebook Marketplace

Search for and join Facebook Selling/Buying Groups near your location.  Advantages include:

  • Community based specialized environment.
  • Sellers and Buyers most often will be able to view items before they hit the main Marketplace.
  • Shady behavior is usually reported quickly to the Administrator of the group and handled promptly.
  • Quick turnaround when asking for more detail about an item.

To sell an item, click on the “Sell Something” blue button that opens up the Selling panel:

Selling an item on Facebook

Sellers Should:

  • Be honest with your Description. Make note of dents, blemishes, things that are wrong with the item.
  • Include Measurements for items where the size could play a role in the purchase process.
  • Be specific about the Price. Indicate either OBO for “best offer” or Price is Firm.
  • Only give out your General Location information, not your actual address.
  • Be specific about your Meet for Pickup criteria.

Sellers should take clear photos to post that illustrate what’s being sold.

Sellers should browse their Local FB Marketplace looking for items similar to what they want to sell, and note the for-sale prices. Prior to listing items for sale, you may find you’ll want to increase or decrease your price.

Sellers should be prepared for people wanting to negotiate a lower price. If your price is firm, just respond and explain your price is non-negotiable and as listed.

Sellers should check often throughout the day and respond to inquiries for information or from those wanting to buy. Some items will move fast and you don’t want to miss a sale opportunity. Facebook Marketplace most often is a forum for impulse purchases.

Sellers should always bring along paper change (5’s and 10’s) with them to the exchange site, for those buyers who don’t bring the exact purchase amount with them. If you don’t have change, they may try to get you to lower your price.

Sellers should mark their item(s) as “sold” as soon as the deal is completed. This will halt incoming offer and inquiry Emails.

Buyers can click the “Ask for Details” button located below items if you have questions about an item:

Buying items on Facebook

Buyers shouldn’t assume all things on Facebook Marketplace are a bargain. Compare prices against other online selling arenas to see if you’re getting the best deal.

Buyers may see these abbreviations in the Seller listings:

  • PPU - Pending Pick Up
  • SPPU - Sold Pending Pick Up
  • EUC - Excellent Used Condition
  • GUC - Good Used Condition
  • NWT - New with Tags
  • NWOT - New without Tags
  • ISO - In search of, the person is looking for that item, not selling.
  • PM - Private message
  • PDO - Pending Drop Off
  • OBO - Or Best Offer
  • OBRO - Or Best Reasonable Offer
  • SFS - Still for Sale
  • LOMS - Listed On Multiple Sites
  • PIOG - Posted In Other Groups
  • FCFS - First Come First Served
  • NH - No Holds

Buyers should view an item to confirm the quality (higher-priced items). If flaws are found not mentioned in the listing description, negotiate for a lower price.

Buyers should always be polite, respectful and non-aggressive - attributes which will serve you well in the negotiation process.

Buyers should narrow their search for items they really want. Be “search persistent” as you never know when that item will pop-up on the listings.

Buyers should close the deal using Private message. Once your offer price is confirmed, then private message the Seller to arrange for the pickup of the item(s).

Buyers should pay in cash for local exchanges. Don’t use a Bank transfer, Personal check or PayPal. If you’re asked to send money via Western Union or another instant transfer service, just refuse.

Items that Seem to Sell Nicely on Facebook Marketplace Include:

  • Furniture: refurbished, newly painted, heirloom
  • Furniture: old, worn, need refurbishing (low, fair pricing attracts those who refinish furniture for resale)
  • Toys: high priced toys and bicycles listed as affordable deals
  • Trending: items in the news, fad items, items “everyone, or everyone’s kids want” right now
  • Custom Made and Well Built items
  • New items for Baby and Children listed as affordable deals (clothing, cribs, baby car seats, etc)

How to Stay Safe Using Facebook Marketplace

Local Sellers/Buyers are Best

When you buy goods that must be shipped you run the risk of the item(s) not being what was presented. You won’t have the option to return items once you’ve paid for them and they’ve been shipped to you.

If a buyer asks you to ship an item (especially internationally) you run the risk of them canceling payment once the item is shipped.

When Buying an Item that Must be Shipped

Use a credit card or secure electronic payment that provides fraud claim investigation on your behalf. Helpful for those times you may not be dealing with a reputable seller.

Research Buyer/Seller Profiles

Search their name on Facebook, and if they have more than one profile using the same photo and name this is a red flag. If something seems out of place to you, then move on.

Meet in a Populated Public Spot

Some city police departments have established internet purchase exchange locations within their parking lots and lobbies. To confirm if your city/town has one available, you can look on their official website, or Google “internet purchase exchange zone” or “internet purchase exchange location” and include your city name in that search phrase.

Inspect Prior to Paying

If buying item of great value such as jewelry or collectibles, have an “expert” accompany you to the meeting spot so they can verify the item value.

Don’t Go it Alone

Have a friend or relative accompany you during an item pickup. Ask them to discreetly record a video of the transaction, just in case there’s a dispute or circumstances arise where you may need to identify the other party.

Better Safe than Sorry

Walk away if things don’t feel right. If you feel you’re a victim of a scam you should take action.

Lodge a complaint on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/help/196126404168290

Report a Seller, Report a Buyer, Report or Hide a Listing.

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