Social media should be just one component of a business’s larger marketing mix, not their only priority.Dec62021

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Social media should be just one component of a business’s larger marketing mix, not their only priority.

A good chunk of customers wait to shop until after the holiday rush is over.

Statistics show:

  • 92% of those within the U.S. shop online post-holidays.
  • 31% say they shop online within a few days of a holiday.
  • 34% say they shop online during the month of January. 

Keep the Momentum Going

A well thought out after holiday marketing strategy can drive more buyers to your site / online store than you may think possible.

Post-holiday shoppers:

  • Tend to make purchases for themselves.
  • Are planning for the coming new year.
  • Believe they can get better buys.
  • Are anxious to spend gift cards they received.

After Holiday Marketing Tips

#1  SEO

SEO is always first on the list.

In 2020, search was responsible for over 45% of website visits and revenue during holiday and post-holiday seasons. Paid search was a bit more effective than organic search. 

Analyzing your data before defining your marketing strategy.

A few things to include in your data review:

  • Where site traffic is coming from.
  • Products / services selling the best.
  • Noticeable trends.
  • Search terms, and frequency.
  • 404 pages requiring attention. 

#2 Creative Email Campaigns

  • Extend after holiday offers at least into the first week of the following month.
  • Use an automated email platform to segment subscribers, send personalized messages, and publish creative email campaigns primed for conversion. 
  • Don’t forget to re-target those who’ve visited your site but didn’t make a purchase.
  • Send a ‘Thank You / We Appreciate You’ to everyone on your lists.

#3 Appeal to New Year Shoppers

With a new year brings motivated shoppers and invigorated outlooks:

  • People have different mindsets.
  • People want to improve and change their life for the better.
  • People want to plan for what’s needed.
  • People want to organize.
  • People want a fresh start.
  • People want to look better and feel invigorated.
  • People want to refresh themselves, and their homes.
  • People want to make their life easier, cleaner, and safer.
  • Boost your after holiday marketing to extend into following months.
  • Update all social media accounts to reflect each season, and current promotions. 

Bonus Tips

Always keep your marketing one step ahead:

  • During cold seasons, plan and market for warmer weather activities and vacations – and visa-versa.
  • Get people excited for each upcoming season, and encourage them to buy early for best selection.
  • Set up a ‘subscribe and save’ plan for products and services, so revenue is coming in on a regular basis. Offer a slight discount to subscribe and save plans.
  • Encourage people in your email communications, and social posts to reward and pamper themselves. People tend to forget self-care is important.
  • Remind people to use their gift cards at your online store.
  • After holidays is a good time to run campaigns for paid search. If you haven’t dabbled with paid search in the past – now is a good time to experiment.


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