Tips for Setting Up a Quiz on Social MediaDec172018

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Tips for Setting Up a Quiz on Social Media

Social Media content that’s proven to increase your audience is the use of Questions in the form of a Quiz.

A Quiz almost always draws in a diverse base of viewers based on the Quiz content. Besides being entertaining, Quizzes give you - the marketer - an insight into your reader base. Depending on how unique the Quiz is - it can go viral, increase followers and ultimately revenue.

Setting Up a Quiz

Create a Catchy Title that Will Get Noticed.

Create Engaging Questions.

Use Images to give a Visual Boost.

Limit the Time to Complete your Quiz to between One and Two Minutes.

Include a Subscriber or sign-up Option with some type of Free Perk or Giveaway.

Share the Results on Your Social Media platforms.

Include a CTA (call-to-action) Leading your Audience to Your Website.

Places to Create a Quiz:

Polling Wiz
Cost: Free

Cost: Free

WordPress Quiz Plugins:

Quiz Creation WordPress Plugins:

Quiz and Survey Master
Cost: Free

Cost: Free and Pro Plans

mTouch Quiz
Cost: Free

HD Quiz
Cost: Free

WordPress Viral Quiz
Cost: $36

WP Quiz
Cost: Free and Pro version

Ari Stream Quiz
Cost: Free

WordPress Quiz
Cost: $20