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3 Small Business Lessons

Many small businesses experience changes beyond their control that affect day-to-day operations. 

Optimistic business owners view change as an opportunity to realign their way of doing business.

Pessimistic business owners feel the challenge is too great, and don’t want to make the effort. 

Which Type of Business Owner Are You?

The trend for many businesses has been to transform their online marketing strategies and make smart use of digital marketing tools that allow them to meet the needs of  the current marketplace.

A few small marketing changes can enable businesses to transition from no customers - to flourishing sales.

Lessons Small Business Owners Have Learned

Digital channels have emerged as the primary way to stay in contact with customers - and like it or not - online marketing has become a necessity.

Let’s take a look at three lessons small business owners have learned as they’ve adapted to the changing marketing climate:

1)   Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Small business owners have realized they are most apt to stick to the same routine, as long as it’s working for them - and not venture beyond the familiar.

Businesses learned that customers are the best source of information.

They can tell you what they need and what they want, so you can provide it. 

Think about:

  • What you’re doing now.
  • What you can expand upon.
  • What you can do better.
  • New things to try on a manageable scale.

If your changes work – then expand slowly.
If your changes don’t work – revise and tweak, or move on to something different.

Actions you can take include:

  • Conduct a survey.
    Send your customers an email survey asking what you’re doing well and what they’d like to see you add or change. Don’t stop at just one survey. Think about adding a small survey section, with several questions, into your regular newsletter. This allows you to receive regular feedback from your most loyal customers. 
  • Try new digital tools.
  • Try out a different automated email provider that might save you time spent on newsletters, and give you more customer insight.
  • Experiment with video and introduce/explain new products, do Q&A’s, talk about what’s trending, etc.  Service businesses can film repairs and installs, cleaning companies can demonstrate before and afters, real estate agents can film listing walk-throughs. Go live on social media with things your niche group might be interested in. Start your own channel on YouTube.

2)   Stay in Touch and Be a Resource

The top benefit of online marketing tools is they give you the ability to stay in touch and become a resource for anyone seeking what your business offers.

Communication for your business requires using a variety of marketing channels to get the word out in a timely manner, and keep your Brand forefront.

Whenever there’s a change, it’s important to make sure your information is consistent across all channels.

This means updating your:

Actions you can take include:

  • Post updates across all communication channels frequently. Don’t update one channel and expect everyone to see it.
  • Reach customers where they are. Use a variety of channels to communicate with customers and communicate when you need to. 
  • Watch your stats to see how people react to your frequency and posts.

3)    Do More Business Online

Small business survival has shifted to how you operate and meet the needs of your customers.

Retail locations have moved toward doing more business online with shoppable landing pages, and online stores. They’ve invested in a professional automated email program so they can stay on the pulse of existing and new customers.

Every business can benefit from doing business online. Both product and service companies can preserve the ability to do business with existing customers, as well as open up your business to new potential customers that may not have been reachable in the past.

Companies who were already selling online have ramped up their automated email with scheduling meaningful email campaigns which are bringing in more sales than ever.

Utilize personalized and segmented email marketing to drive business to your website and/or your local store. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build relationships, educate people on new products and services, and motivate to ultimately make a purchase.

Expand your social media marketing to reach new customers and extend brand awareness. Spend most of your time on social channels you feel your customers/potential customers frequent.

Actions you can take include:

  • Take your business online.
  • Sell products and services you offer offline in an online store.
  • Make use of a professional and easy-to-use automated email provider to manage email campaigns and regular customer communication, which will drive business to your website or online store.
  • Create shoppable landing pages and link through your email campaigns and social media posts.
  • Review offline activities to see how you can move to an online format.


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