8 Blunders Businesses Make on TwitterJul82019

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8 Blunders Businesses Make on Twitter

Many Brands using Twitter as part of their Social Media strategy to reach a larger target audience, experience a ripple effect that includes:

  • Community Building.
  • Generating new Leads and Sales.
  • Expanded Customer Service.
  • Increased Brand Recognition.
  • More Traffic to Your Website.

If you’re already using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy, or are about to start - here's a few things to remember so you don't come across as the new kid on the block:

1) Hashtags#

Use Hashtags# only when appropriate. Hashtag# your business/brand name, when following trends, or when helpful for organization or company purposes. Don't just throw in a huge list of Hashtags# because you think you need to.

2) Auto Direct Messages

Newbies send too many automatic direct messages to new followers. Not cool.

3) Way Too Much Self Promotion

There's an 80/20 unwritten rule. Post 80 percent useful, helpful, engaging and entertaining messages - and 20 percent business promotion. You’ll keep followers longer using this method.

4) Shorten Your Tweets

Always use a link shortener such as bitly: https://bitly.com/ or ow.ly: http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url. Register with either and you'll be able to track clicks to the shortened links, and view other related statistics.

5) Brand Your Profile Image

Make sure your photo image is relevant to you and your Brand, not something you think looks good but in no way is related to your business.

6) Spell It Right

Definitely keep any spelling, punctuation and grammar errors to a minimum. Making sure all is correct will reflect a professional image of your Brand.

7) Fact Check

Don't tweet information that may discredit you. Establish your Brand as an industry resource.

8) Connect It

Be sure to add your website URL to your Twitter account. You want to send new people to your site - not miss out on new customers.

Go Twitter!


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