8 Social Media Blunders Detrimental to Your BrandDec102018

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8 Social Media Blunders Detrimental to Your Brand

A few things businesses and Brands shouldn’t be doing on Social Media:

#1: Offering Up Sub-Par Customer Service

Social Media translates to immediate engagement. People often post questions, complaints and concerns online - rather than calling and sitting on hold waiting for a sales representative. When online inquiries and audience concerns are ignored or you take days to answer, they'll likely just move on to another Brand to do business with.

#2: Not Prompting Two-Way Conversations with Customers

Social Media is the perfect venue to spark engagement in two-way discussions. Not all dialog needs be related to your business – back and forth conversations will create relationships with influencers, peers and customers alike

#3: Changing Horses Mid Stream

When people follow you on Social Media, it's because they feel a connection to your business/Brand in some way. Maintain a consistent social voice and fulfill audience expectations by not changing up the tone of your messaging.

#4: Turning a Deaf Ear

With Social Media being a direct line to global consumers, monitor, read and listen to what your audience is discussing, which will give you insight into what they need from your Brand, and how they feel about your company products and/or services.

#5: Approaching Social Media with an Advertising Mentality

Use Social Media to its fullest potential by developing a smooth approach to marketing products/services by establishing expertise and value, rather than trying to sell something.

#6: Using Only One Content Format

Provide variety with visuals and text to draw in and retain followers - don't limit messages to just one type of content. Weave posts to include business/Brand content along with educational how-tos, tips, video and original graphics to keep people interested and coming back for more.

#7: Avoiding Negativity

Respond to all comments and discussions, especially when someone trash talking about you, your Brand, your product and/or your service online. Rather than attempt to defend yourself, say a big Thank You to those “Negative Nancys” for their feedback. Explain how you appreciate their comment and you're always open to improving your Brand. Always resolve and defuse when you can.

#8: Sharing Too Many Posts About Me Me Me

Your business Brand should focus posts toward the audience, rather than primarily featuring the company Brand. Draw people into the conversation using relevant messaging they'll want to use and share.