Hot Tips from Instagram to Sprint Your Business Ahead of the PackNov252019

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Hot Tips from Instagram  to Sprint Your Business Ahead of the Pack

With the surging popularity of Stories (in Instagram) and the increased rate of users following Businesses - it's always good to revisit, refresh and refine your Instagram presence and strategy.

Instagram has recently published tips and information to guide you through several areas that many people - especially Businesses - need help with.

Per Instagram - By the Numbers:

  • 60% of users regularly discover new products on the platform
  • 80% of users follow at least one Business
  • 75% of users take action after seeing Brand content (visiting a website, sharing, etc)

Tips Galore . . .

Image and Video Tips

  • Get Creative with Post Ideas
  • Show Behind the Scenes of Your Business
  • Announce New Services and/or products
  • Offer Tutorials
  • Celebrate Holidays
  • Share Events
  • Harvest Customer Testimonials

Add Polish with Photography Techniques

  • Make Your Photo Shots Balanced
  • Use Space to Spotlight the Subject
  • Use Lines to Draw the Eye
  • Experiment with Light During Different Times of the Day

Editing Techniques to Get the Look You Want

  • Crop to Get Your Ideal Image
  • Use Lux (magic wand) and Enhance
  • Use Different Filters for Different Moods
  • Make Your Colors Pop
  • Make Your Subject the Center of Attention

How to Make Videos Appear More Professional

  • Make the Right First Impression
  • Grab Attention in the First Five Seconds
  • Keep Shots in Focus
  • Use the Hyperlapse and Boomerang Tools
  • Prep Your Audience

Instagram, Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Photos & Videos to Captivate Your Audience:

How to Plan for the Holidays on Instagram

  • Draw Holiday Content Inspiration from other Instagram Business Accounts
  • Study How other Businesses have Shared Photos and Videos from Past Holidays, and Save Posts You Like
  • Review Previous Year Surging Sale Activity to Gauge When Your Audience Starts their Holiday Shopping
  • Plan Your Visuals and Captions with a Calendar Template
  • Consistent Look and Feel is Key

Celebrate with Four Post Types

  • Celebrate the Holiday with Your team
  • Showcase Products and Services Alongside Decorations for the Holiday
  • Offer Discounts
  • Organize Giveaways

Help People Buy Gifts with Instagram Shopping

  • Feature Products that Make Great Gifts or Decorations for the Holiday
  • Feature Services that Make the Holiday Easier from the Consumer Standpoint
  • Create Gift Guides for Varied Budgets and Needs
  • Encourage Customers to Share How They're Gifting Your Products
  • Give a Tour of Your Holiday Displays
  • Encourage Your Community to Save Your Products on Instagram

Instagram, How to Plan for the Holidays on Instagram:

How to Sell Your Products on Instagram

  • Make a Consistent Schedule to Post About Your Products
  • Show All Variations of Your Products
  • Create Story Highlights for Different Products
  • Share Photos and Videos Your Customers Have Posted with Your Products
  • Create Tutorials of Different Ways People Can Use Your Product
  • Use the Question Sticker in Stories to Open Up Questions, so People Can Learn More About Your Products and Services

Instagram, How to Sell Your Products on Instagram: