How Facebook is Helping Small BusinessAug312020

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How Facebook is Helping Small Business

More and more businesses are learning the value of using Facebook to connect with potential and repeat buyers.

If you’re already hosting events or classes on Facebook, or would like to start - now’s the time to take advantage of their new Paid Online Events offering.

New Product on Facebook:

Virtual gatherings are in-demand more than ever before. Facebook is reaching out and helping SMBs (small to mid-sized business) with their new offering called “Paid Online Events”.

  • A currently Free product open to businesses, educators, creators and media publishers.
  • The platform includes hosting, ticket sales, promotion and payment processing through Facebook Pay.
  • Self contained platform - hosts will have control over creating the event, promoting to their organic followers and/or Facebook Ads, and collecting payment through Facebook.
  • Hosts will be able to create custom audiences from event or class attendees.
  • Determine if your Business is eligible at
  • Paid Events or online classes retain 100% of revenue if offered on the Web or Android.
  • iOS events collect 70% of revenue and the other 30% is retained as an App-Store tax, as Apple declined to waive their 30% in-app purchase fee.

Additional Info:

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Facebook Fast Fact:

Facebook is the most popular advertising platform for small and mid-sized businesses in the USA.
(resource: Borrell Associates)

  • 88% of businesses use Facebook for advertising and marketing.
  • Small to mid-sized businesses say Facebook is the best place to reach their customers.

Other Social media channels used are:

  • 52% Instagram
  • 35% LinkedIn
  • 26% Twitter
  • 15% Yelp
  • 11% Pinterest

Not sure how to initiate your Facebook Paid Event?
Hosting Connecticut is ready to help you set up your Event, just contact us with a few details.