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How to Boost Your Business on Twitter

As a business owner, it can be hard to balance running your business with current customers and bringing in new ones. You’ve tried Facebook and Instagram but can’t seem to get much engagement. Have you considered using Twitter to expand your business? Twitter is a great platform for fast-paced content and provides businesses the opportunity to respond to followers as well as current news. It calls for less of selling your brand, and more of being personable to make new connections which will drive up sales. Read more to find out how Twitter can drastically improve your internet presence and the best tips to keep the engagement high.

Are your customers on Twitter?

This is the first question to consider, and the most important. You want to make sure Twitter is a platform your customers are most active on, otherwise it would be time and cost effective to investigate other sites. If you’re not very familiar with Twitter, here’s a statistic: over one in five adults in the U.S. use the platform, so there’s a good chance your customers are on there already.

The main group of users on Twitter are millennials (those aged around 26-41), so if your business is targeted towards Generation Z, you might want to check out TikTok or Instagram.

Some businesses’ demographics are broad, and an easy way to find out if your customers use Twitter is to just ask! If you run a mostly online business, send out a social media survey asking which platforms your customers use the most. Or, if your business is in person, when checking out a customer, ask them quickly about their preferred service to get brand-related information from.

How to use Twitter to grow your business

Twitter is a unique platform, and users are looking for a different experience than they would get on Instagram or Facebook. Twitter is fast paced, so sharp content will keep your followers engaged. An easy way to find out what people are talking about is the “Trending” tab on the search page, which will tell you what hashtags, events, or topics are trending at that time.

Be relatable

  • People are on social media for entertainment, especially Twitter. Therefore, the best way to capture an audience’s attention is to not oversell your brand (we know, it sounds crazy). Posting more about your connection to something that happened in the news or a charity your business has sponsored comes off as more authentic, driving up followers and engagement. A brand that only posts their products and shows off sales will not create this sense of relatability. Remind people that you’re human too!

Interact with followers

  • The best way to create authentic connections is to spend some time getting to know the people interested in your business. If another small company is consistently liking your tweets, reach out to them, go visit their business, or partner up on a giveaway to boost both of your platforms! Even if a follower is not a small business owner, checking out their page reminds them that you genuinely care about your clients and customers, not just the sales of the business.

Post consistently

  • It’s important to regularly generate content, because people won’t follow you anymore if there’s a content drought for multiple weeks. Struggling to find new content? Hop over to the Trending page to see what’s going on and respond to a funny trend or contribute to a discussion. Once people continue to see your business’s name, they will view your page and find out more. This can lead to new followers, which in turn leads to new customers!

Create new content

  • If Twitter is where the heart of your customer base lies, stop using the same formats for content as Facebook or Instagram, which deliver a completely different experience. While Facebook offers unlimited characters, you don’t have the same ability on Twitter – so keep it short and sweet!

Don’t post links, post organic content

  • Someone is more likely to view your video if it automatically starts playing versus having to click a link and be taken to YouTube. Users have chosen to be on Twitter instead of YouTube, so help them stay there by directly posting content to the platform.

Use hashtags

  • The premise of the Trending page is to gather information about a topic and put it on the same page, so hashtags are your best friend. If you are discussing a topic people are likely to search for, come up with relevant hashtags so your tweet shows up with others about the same subject.

With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is a great place for your business to show its authenticity while also introducing new customers to your brand. Its layout allows your business to connect with news, people, and other businesses, fostering a positive environment for growth. Create an account, start tweeting, and see how it transforms your business!

Do you need help with social media marketing?

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