How to Start Your Video Marketing Strategy TodayAug162021

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How to Start Your Video Marketing Strategy Today

Nine out of ten marketers used video in their last years marketing strategy.

Businesses have learned adding Video to their email and social media marketing is taking their sales and Brand awareness to the next level.

Is it time to start or revise your Video marketing strategy?

Viewers and Users By the Numbers


  • Over 1 billion hours of video is watched each day.
  • Owned by Google.
  • Brands see SEO benefits by feeding Video into the world’s most popular search engine.


  • Email marketers using segmented campaigns note as much as 760% increase in revenue.
  • Over 60% of online buyers report making a purchase after receiving a promotional email.
  • Over 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months.
  • Currently, there are over 4 billion daily email users.

Social Media:

  • Mid-2021 data shows there are over 3.78 billion social media users worldwide.
  • Northern America social media users climbed to over 329.25 million.
  • Most used social networks as of mid-2021 are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Lesson Learned

Injecting Video into segmented email marketing campaigns just makes sense for small business, Brands (well-known or not), and Non-profit organizations.

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy

Know Your Audience

The goal is to deliver messages that elicit:

  • Engagement.
  • Leads.
  • Sales.

The starting point for a marketing strategy stems from defining who your ideal buyer is. Your video content should be based on what they want to watch, and what they want to learn from you.

Your ideal buyer (or buyer profile) dictates what type of videos you offer. 

  • Professional and serious?
  • Funny and entertaining?
  • Non-conforming or conservative?

According to Think with Google

How-To videos draw the most attention of any content category on YouTube.

Plan and Outline Video Content

  • Look at a calendar and create a framework for a content schedule. Consider how often you want to publish videos… Once a week? Twice a month?
  • Create a realistic video schedule because once you begin – your audience will come to expect to see your videos on a regular basis.
  • Schedule dedicated time for each video.
  • Create a content bullet list and an outline.
  • Include a specific CTA (call-to-action).

Types of marketing videos include:

  • Product/Service features.
  • How-to and why-to.
  • Entertaining and/or humorous.
  • Customer reviews/testimonials.
  • Educational / valuable information.
  • Behind the scenes (your company, product and/or service).
  • Tips and tricks.
  • Poll videos.

Live Streaming Video

  • During a live stream, the video truly plays live for your audience. Viewers comment and engage with
    you in real-time.
  • Before diving cold-turkey into live streams, watch a few other live videos, and also take a peek at a few from your competitors.
  • Take notes on how the streams flow - what you like and what you’d do differently.
  • You can live stream video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and TikTok. Research each platform as they have their own requirements for live stream video.

Produce Video Content

Once you’ve nailed down your buyer profile and content strategy, decide who’s going to participate in the actual video production tasks that include:

  • Outlining dialog and/or scripts.
  • Selecting your background.
  • Testing sound and lighting.
  • Recording the video.
  • Editing the video.
  • Uploading the video.

Whether you have a team to handle the video tasks, or you’re a one-person show - don’t expect your first video to be perfect.

Keep in mind:

  • Each video will become easier – each one will become more professional than the last.
  • Speak slowly and clearly - people need to understand what you’re saying.
  • Know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel – your videos are helping to build your business.

Upload Your Video and Go Live

Once your video is recorded and edited, the next step is to upload and publish.

Decide on the platform you want to upload to – YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. 

Globally, the second most visited website.

Globally, the third most visited website.

All in one video solution that enables businesses to create high impact videos in minutes, with custom Branding options that drive sales. No experience is required for their video-maker tool. Constant Contact recently launched an integration with Vimeo, so you can create and add video to emails and web pages. Vimeo Pro and Vimeo Business accounts receive a discount exclusive to Constant Contact users.

Don’t forget to upload video to Instagram Stories. 

Monitor the Metrics 

Once you start publishing and posting videos – keep an eye on the data.
Key numbers to review include:

  • Total views.
  • Average watch time.
  • Click-through rate on email and social media.
  • Conversion on landing pages or website.
  • Social media engagement.
     - Likes
     - Shares
     - Comments
     - Retweets

Analyze data and make appropriate changes for future videos:

  • If views are high, but watch time is short – maybe the topic is hitting the target but the video length is too long.
  • If engagement is high, but conversion rate is low – then work on a stronger CTA (call-to-action).
  • If views and engagement is low, then find new methods to promote the video. If your videos are strongly and appropriately promoted, but metrics remain the same – then revisit your buyer profile and video topics.

Time to Realign Your Business Video Marketing Strategy?

Announcing your videos through email marketing, and circulating on social media provides your business with a constant loop of users, visitors, and buyers.

Get more from your Email and Social media marketing:

  • Create email marketing campaigns like a pro with easy-to-use features.
  • Announce each new video to your segmented email subscribers - they’ll feel special for being told first.
  • Built-in social-sharing tools to make the best use of your time.

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Meshing Video into your email campaigns and social media platforms can be time-consuming.
Need help starting or maintaining a schedule?