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Ways to Rev Up Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

People start shopping in October for the holidays.

Worried how your sales will go this holiday season?
More people than ever will be making their gifting purchases online, and that includes products, services and gift cards.

Now’s the time to start planning your email and social media marketing for the upcoming online shopping season. Take a look at our suggestions below, and see how you can expand your marketing strategy to bring in more sales.

Social Media:

  • For each social platform you participate with, create a holiday posting schedule.
  • Prepare your content now.
  • Take photo shoots now.
  • Designate one person, or a social specialist to be in charge of all of your posts.

Email Marketing Campaigns: 

Social Media Marketing

Create posts to drive sales:

Add Personality
Set yourself apart from other businesses by injecting some personality and quirkiness into your posts - in a manner so it doesn’t seem as though you’re always trying to sell people something. Always be authentic.

Target Issues Your Customers Care About
During the holiday season, create posts about your community involvement – think donations, volunteering, etc. Share your company’s involvement from sincerity, not as a marketing gimmick.

Provide Engagement Motivation
Social media algorithms show posts for people and businesses more often to those who engage frequently with that account. Conversation, comments, likes, shares, etc, will keep your posts flowing to those who connect and respond to your Brand.

Giveaway Campaigns Work
Expand Brand awareness, increase your business reach, build loyal followers, and intensify sales with holiday themed contests, samples, bogos, and special promo codes.

Say Thank You
Don’t forget to give a shout-out during the holidays to loyal customers for continuing to support your business. 

Dial Into Video
Boost sales and followers by posting videos of upcoming holiday offers, products, services, events, etc – and continue that theme throughout the season.

Create a Personalized Holiday Selling Experience
Personalization is vital in coming up with a winning email marketing campaign. Automated email marketing is the key to building your subscriber lists.

Be sure to have a ‘Subscriber Box’ on your website, and provide a link from all Social media to that subscription box. 

Segment your lists as subscribers come in - so when it's time to send out holiday email campaigns, you'll know which lists will respond most to your different communications.

Do More Business this holiday season with automated email marketing. Constant Contact leads the pack with personalization tools. Learn more.

Ecommerce Holiday Info

Facebook offers a holiday guide that covers:

  • Getting started.
  • Drive sales during the holidays and post-holiday.
  • Checklist to prepare holiday campaigns.
  • Tips and solutions to boost your social strategy.
  • Success stories.
  • Insights and more.

This guide is from last year, but if you use Facebook for marketing, it’s a good read.


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