WordPress Alert: jQuery Issue May Break Your SiteMay192021

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WordPress Alert:  jQuery Issue May Break Your Site

Is Your WordPress Website Running Version 5.5 or Above?

If it is - your site may experience a fatal error caused by a jQuery conflict, preventing it from working as expected.

What is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library. A lot of the functionality in WordPress relies on jQuery, and many WordPress developers customize jQuery for their own themes and plugins.

The Problem:

jQuery made some changes in how it does things that broke compatibility with older versions of WordPress.

Wordpress has released the newer jQuery version to basically force theme and plugin authors to update their code. Many authors have not updated their themes/plugins yet. 

If your website is running an abandoned theme or plugin(s), then only a couple of options exist.

The Solution:

Hostingct.com is here to help you through this issue with your WordPress website. 

If you’re already using our WordPress Update Service, we’ll be letting you know if you need to do anything to make this transition, such as purchasing an updated version of a plugin, or if your theme needs a replacement.

If you wish to subscribe to this service, just Contact Us

If you wish to handle this issue yourself, a temporay fix is to install the Enable jQuery Migration Helper plugin.

This plugin will identify potential issues by adding a helper to the WordPress admin bar with alerts about potential issues on any page you’re viewing.

Installing this plugin is not fix for what broke during the WordPress 5.5 update. It’s just a way to try and restore functionality.