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Wordpress Plugin: RafflePress

This newly released Giveaway and Contest Plugin may prove to be the easiest and most effective Plugin you’ve ever used for managing contests and giveaways.


Raffle Press
cost:  Free & Pro version


RafflePress was designed to assist small businesses jumpstart online growth with a giveaway Plugin that's powerful, easy to use and affordable for small business owners.

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WordPress Plugin:  Creating a Favicon

There are many strategies used to make a website standout, and one of the most undervalued elements is the Favicon.

What is a Favicon?

A Favicon (short for ‘favorite icon’) is a website file that contains one or more icons associated with a specific website or webpage. Browsers providing Favicon support will display the Favicon in the URL address bar, and next to a webpages name in a list of favorites or bookmarks. Some browsers use the assigned Favicon as a desktop icon.

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Tips and Tools List for Great Blog Posts

If you have trouble putting all your thoughts into words for your Blog or website posts, here are a few tidbits to remember each time you sit down to write. Tips of what you should include, what to leave out, and how to optimize posts to perform in search engines. Tools to generate topic ideas.

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