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3 Reasons Business Owners Choose WordPress

There are numerous platforms used to build websites, and each boasts its own benefit. Different platforms are used for specific purposes, so it can be confusing to decide which platform to use for your business.

WordPress is a number one choice because it will scale from beginner blogs to international companies.

Let's look at why WordPress offers the most flexibility and benefits for your online business. 

What is WordPress?

  • WordPress is a free, flexible, open-source content management system (CMS) for creating websites.
  • Since its release in 2003, the WordPress platform excels for any level site - from personal blogs to complex ecommerce transactions.

WordPress is Feature Packed

Many platforms focus on apps and design but don't handle the blog function well at all. WordPress is the most flexible and allows a company to create a professional ecommerce site with an integrated blog format that can be used in a variety of formats.

A few ways WordPress is used: 

  • Ecommerce, online shopping.
  • Service businesses.
  • Non-profits for collecting donations.
  • Membership communities.
  • eLearning and courses.
  • Job boards and employment.
  • News portal.
  • Real estate, and property management.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Invoicing, projects management.
  • Events management.
  • Directories, forums, and chatrooms.
  • Galleries, portfolios, magazines.
  • Auction and coupon sites.
  • Blogging, self-promotions, and knowledgebases. 

Reasons Business Owners Choose WordPress

  • WordPress is superior in its adaptability and flexibility to expand as your business grows.
  • WordPress is beginner-friendly with a minimal learning curve while other platforms most often require coding and programming experience. Business owners enjoy the ability to make updates themselves, while many prefer to let web specialists handle the heavy lifting of maintaining the security side.
  • WordPress websites are SEO friendly and rank higher in search results than non-WordPress sites.

Did You Know?

Per a recent data study, here are the top ten CMS’s (content management systems) dominating Google’s SERP (search engine results page). WordPress ranks as number one:
resource: GotchSEO

  1. WordPress (45%)
  2. MediaWiki (9%)
  3. Drupal (8%)
  4. Adobe Experience Manager (4%)
  5. Ruby on Rails (4%)
  6. ATG Web Commerce (1%)
  7. SiteCore (< 1%)
  8. HubSpot (< 1%)
  9. Magento (< 1%)
  10. Squarespace (< 1%)

WordPress Website Best Practices

There are routine tasks associated with all websites, no matter which platform is used. Here are expert options to keep your WordPress site running smoothly, and in tip-top condition:

Switch to Unlimited WordPress Hosting
Gives you plenty of space for all the images, content, etc you need to design and maintain a professional and functional website. Our WP hosting plan also includes a free SSL, unmetered disc space, monthly backup and WP software core and plugin updates by a real person who tests for compatibility issues. 

Search Engine Optimization
SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing task, and involves analysis of keyword performance, site technical specifications, content, citations/directory listings and social media accounts.

Security Maintenance

A WordPress update service includes monitoring that keeps your website safe. Without regular software and plugin updates, your site is at risk of becoming outdated and vulnerable to hackers and malware.


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