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WordPress Plugin:  Scrolling Text

Have you ever wondered how to highlight news, sales, or features on your website using scrolling text?

Inserting scrolling text on your site is easy - just use this WordPress scrolling ticker plugin.

What's a Scrolling Ticker?

Traditionally a 'news' ticker scrolls a single line of information continuously across the screen. They typically display current news items, or other bits of information. They're a nice way to display small snippets of continually updated information.

How Businesses Use Tickers

Many businesses (small and large) use tickers to display popular webpages, best performing posts, items on sale, new and featured products and services, policy changes, etc, etc. 

Scrolling Ticker Plugin

Ditty News Ticker

Active installs:  50,000+
Cost: free
Download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ditty-news-ticker/ 

This plugin is a multi-functional data display plugin that allows you to easily add custom displays to your site either through shortcodes, or direct functions.

Choose from three default ticker modes: 

  • Scroll Mode – Scroll the ticker data left, right, up or down.
  • Rotate Mode – Rotate through the ticker data.
  • List Mode – Display your ticker data in a list.

Take a look at examples of each ticker mode.

This particular plugin works nicely right out-of-the-box, but has a few add-ons you might be interested in.
They include:

Posts ticker - Easily add any posts to your site using this extension, and create a dynamic display of posts, pages, or any custom post type on your site.

Facebook ticker - Create a dynamic display of Facebook posts and Facebook Album images on your site. With a multitude of settings you can create a feed with your personal timelines or a combination of Facebook page feeds. 

You can choose to display  feeds in a scroller, rotator, list, or widget.

Easy Setup

This ticker plugin is relatively easy to configure.

Just install and activate.

On the download page, this plugin author offers step-by-step guidance.

Just add a new ticker, and give it a name.

There are two sections: Ticker Type, Ticker Mode, and Global Settings - to define how your ticker displays.

Ticker Type:

  • Add ticker text, and a link.
  • Then define:
  • Scroll Direction.
  • Tick Dimensions.
  • Scroller Padding.
  • Scroll Speed.
  • Tick Spacing.

Ticker Mode:

  • Define Scrolling options.
  • Define Rotation options.

Global Settings:

  • Ticker Title.
  • Tick Options.
  • Ticker Width.
  • Grid Display.

Place and Change:

  • Once configuration is completed, take the shortcode and paste into the page or widget where you want the ticker to display.
  • Play around with the different settings to see which visual option you prefer for your website.
  • You can go into a specific ticker at any time to change out the linking URL, and re-define the settings.

Don’t forget to view examples of various ways this ticker might display on your website

If you’d like this plugin on your website, but aren’t sure how to install or set it up – we’ll help you with that.


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