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WordPress Plugin:  Ad Inserter

This flexible Plugin makes it simple to insert linked images or text just about anywhere within your website content. Popular for custom webpage placement of Ad code.

Supports code for rotating banners and text, including code from Google Ad Manager, Google Adsense, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Media.net, plus more.

Ad Inserter


Active installations:  200,000+
Requires WordPress Version:  4.6 or higher
Cost:  Free and Pro

Features Include

Lots of placement options:

  • Insert before or after post
  • Insert before or after content
  • Insert before or after paragraph
  • Insert before or after random paragraph
  • Insert before or after multiple paragraphs
  • Insert before or after image
  • Insert before or after comments
  • Insert before or after excerpt
  • Insert near any element on the page (using CSS selectors)
  • Insert above the header (after <body> tag)
  • Insert in the footer (before </body> tag)
  • Insert between posts on Blog pages (in-feed AdSense)
  • Insert between excerpts on Blog pages
  • Insert between comments
  • Code preview with visual CSS editor
  • Automatically inserts ads on posts and pages
  • Disable ads on individual posts or pages
  • Custom alignments and styles
  • Use shortcodes from other plugins
  • Use post title, tags or category names to create contextual adverts
  • Ad rotation (server-side and client-side – works with caching)
  • Timed ad rotation – define times to rotate adverts in a single ad block
  • Desktop/mobile device detection (server-side and client-side – works with caching)
  • And more

Installation and Settings

  • Sign into the WordPress Admin area.
  • From the Left navigation column locate "Plugins" > then Click “Add New”.
  • Search for “Ad Inserter”. Install and Activate.
  • To open the Plugin, from the Left navigation column locate "Settings" > then Click on “Ad Inserter”:

WordPress Plugin:  Ad Inserter

Getting Started

The Free version of this Plugin allows up to 16 blocks of code placement.

To insert your first code, Click on block “1” and use sequential blocks as you add new codes.

Paste your html or ad code into the black area.

Getting Started with Ad Inserter Plug-in

Select which Pages of your website you want the Ad block to appear on:
Posts, Static Pages, Homepage, Search Pages, Category Pages, Tag/Archive Pages

Choose which area you want the Ad code to display:

Click the “Insertion” Down Arrow to assign where the Ad code displays:

You can experiment and see which placement works best and always go back in and change.

To Pause an Ad block, Hover and Click the Disable icon:
To re-activate a Disabled block of code, just click the icon again.

Play around with the options to customize to your preferences.

Author Screenshots and FAQ available on the download page.


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