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WordPress Plugin: Live Chat

You might wonder why Your Business would want a Live Chat feature on your website.

The perks are many, here are just a few . . .

Benefits of providing a Live Chat on your website include:

  • Ability to Engage More Visitors via instant communication.
  • Live Chat during the Checkout process Increases purchase conversion rates.
  • Customer surveys find Live Chat offers the Highest Satisfaction levels of any customer service channel.
  • Convenient and a Time Saver all around.
  • Offers a Communication Choice to customers.
  • Provides the ability to Resolves Issues immediately, rather than have negative comments surface on social media or on review sites.
  • Translates to customers that Your Business is Approachable.
  • Live Chat allows your business to offer Personalized Service.

A Few Popular Plugin Choices for Live Chat on a WordPress Website

Tawk.To Live Chat

Active Installs: 200,000+
Cost: Free

Instantly chat with visitors on your website and provide real time support and service. Offers free iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps to stay connected.


Active Installs: 20,000+
Cost: Free and Pro versions

Let your visitors contact you via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Email, Phone call, SMS and more.


Active Installs: 20,000+
Cost: Free and Pro versions

Adds a Facebook Messenger chat widget to your website. The Messenger widget is the fastest and simplest way to add live chat to your website, convert more leads and engage your customers, even after they’ve left your website.

REVE Live Chat

Active Installs: 6,000+
Cost: Paid

Live chat and help desk software plugin. Application for live chat, help desk, online customer service and support. Extensive options, fully customizable.

WP-Live Chat

Active Installs: 50,000+
Cost: Free

Instantly gives you the ability to chat directly with existing or potential customers and website visitors in real-time.

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