Don’t Forget to Use the Pixel if Running Facebook Ads Apr212021

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Don’t Forget to Use the Pixel if Running Facebook Ads

Are you making use of Facebook ads?

If not, do you see Facebook ads in your future?

The Pixel is a beneficial element for businesses currently running Facebook ads, and for those who may run them in the future.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

The Pixel is a code that’s placed on a website to collect visitor data, and interacts with both your Facebook ads and your site. It allows you to see how people interact with your website after viewing your Facebook ad.

Viewing the collective data lets you easily track Facebook ad conversions, tweak ads for improved performance, configure targeted audiences for future ads, and define remarketing to those who’ve already taken action on your site.

The Facebook Pixel is for company owners who have a Facebook Business page.

Why is the Facebook Pixel Data Invaluable?

The Facebook Pixel establishes criteria so your Facebook ads are seen by those who are most likely to act on the desired action you’ve defined.

Using the Pixel data as a guideline allows for improved conversion rates, and prevents your business from spending excess money on ads that have no chance of performing.

Install the Facebook Pixel Before You Need It

For those business owners who aren’t currently running Facebook ads, the advantage to installing the Pixel now is so it can begin collecting data as soon as possible.

When you start running ads, you’ll have useful data to base your ad direction upon. If the Pixel isn’t installed until you’re ready to create ads - you’ll have to wait weeks/months for data to accumulate, and you’ll be placing ads blindly.

WordPress Plugin:  Pixel Caffeine

Author:  AdEspresso

Active installations:   90,000+
Download Plugin:
Requires WP Version:   4.4.24 or higher
Cost:   Free

You’ll want to have created a Facebook Pixel at Facebook prior to using this plugin

Advantages of using Pixel Caffeine plugin over a manual Pixel install method are that it:

  • Creates custom audiences based on actions related to WordPress from within the WP admin dashboard.
  • Easily tracks conversions including dedicated integrations for Easy Digital and WooCommerce from within the WP admin dashboard.
  • Creates Facebook dynamic ads For WooCommerce users. 

Features Include:

  • Instant install.
    The Facebook Pixel will install site-wide with just a click – you don’t have to fool with inserting or typing any code. 
  • Advanced custom audiences.
    Create audiences based on standard/custom events, referring sources (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.), categories/tags of content, specific URL parameters. Define any parameter you wish.
  • Product catalog management.
    In one click generate a Product catalog for your store and upload it to Facebook or choose to let this plugin constantly sync it with Facebook. Advanced filters allow you to create your product catalog with exactly the products you want to promote.
  • Facebook dynamic ads with WooCommerce.
    Automatically track visitors based on what they’ve viewed (product name, product category and product tags) and then dynamically re-target them with advertisements on Facebook or Instagram
  • Plugin stays current by automatically monitoring Facebook updates.

Video tutorials, FAQ’s, and screenshots available on the download page

Add the Facebook Pixel Manually

There are two steps to manually adding the Facebook Pixel to WordPress:

  • Create a new Facebook Pixel at the Facebook website (unless you already have one).
  • Insert the tracking code from that Facebook pixel into the <head> section of your WordPress site.


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