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How SSL Affects Your Web Presence

An SSL certificate can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts 

Whether your website is: 

  • A Blog
  • Educational or Informational
  • A Non-Profit
  • A Local Business Selling Services
  • Making Ecommerce Sales

Google is suppressing sites in search results without SSL status.

 A website is your primary asset when it comes to marketing your business – so all the time and money you invest into it could be a waste of time if it’s buried in the search results. 

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4 Overlooked Ways Businesses Gain Quality Instagram Followers

As with any social platform, the more followers you have, the easier it is to get more followers.
People want to experience what others are drawn to.

Just because you might have 100,000 followers - it doesn't mean they're going to be targeted followers your business wants ... the majority may be ‘watchers’ and will never convert to buyers.

Your goal is to cultivate followers who will become customers and loyal advocates of your Brand. 

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Is Your Site Primed for Google’s Upcoming Change?

Did You Know?

Google looks at over 200 ranking factors that contribute to where a page appears in the search results for any specific keyword search.

Google is known for making frequent algorithm changes that impact search results - the newest one coming around the pike - Google has labeled as the Page Experience signal.

The Page Experience signal was scheduled to roll out in May. The drop date has been moved forward to a mid-June release with full search ranking integration by end of Summer.

This particular algorithm has the potential to impact your website search results, so it’s important for you to be aware of it, and make changes to your site now … if you haven’t done so already.

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Web Hosts - Why Cheaper Isn't Better

For business owners, a website is the core lifeline of an online business.

The reliability of a web host will either support or damage that lifeline.

How Much Risk Are You Willing to Take?

Web hosts that fall short can affect your site's SEO and that's something you can't afford to suffer through - not if you own a business where your reputation and sales are a prime priority.

Cheap hosts can turn into a nightmare if they fall short. Think of a web host as an apartment you're renting. The less you pay will most often translate to fewer perks such as no parking, no doorman for security, faulty appliances and heating, peeling paint, bugs in the kitchen, etc, etc. You soon realize you made a mistake, lured in by the low cost - you end up just wanting to move.


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Pro-Active Local Small Business Marketing Tips

Did You Know?

It's predicted during the next 12 months consumers will spend more, and will plan that spending wisely.

The Technology Path is Changing 

  • The ongoing shift is how people are relating to Brands.
  • Online marketers are finding personalization and automation a must.
  • Small businesses have to distinguish themselves, become relatable, and build community trust.
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Ecommerce Sales are Booming – Is Yours?

Customers are clearly utilizing online shopping more than ever before.

Digital transactions are the new normal.

Those businesses who escalated their efforts a year ago with customer-friendly digital purchases have managed to increase sales into 2021.

Statistical data shows:

  • New growth:
    25% of US consumers now prefer to begin their shopping trips online.
  • New consumers:
    17% increase in online-native shoppers since March 2020.
  • New opportunities:
    As customer expectations change, businesses that pay attention to what their customers want increase loyalty and retention.

The recent growth in digital commerce is a signal that businesses and retailers should continue to scale their investment efforts into digital purchasing, while refocusing and enhancing the consumer in-store experience.

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Tips for Impactful Marketing that Inspire Action

Do you carefully choose specific words when marketing your business?

Are those words helping you reach expected goals?

Words and phrases can dictate how customers and potential customers respond. Everyday, businesses use words and phrases in communications such as emails, email campaigns, web copy, social media posts, and advertising with the goal of either a lead or a purchase.

Words with Impact

Here are a few word tips your business can use to guide how people feel, think and act when they read your written communications.

Your word goal is to draw people in – not drive them away!

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How to Find and Use Branded Hashtags on Instagram

Are #Hashtags a quick afterthought when you post to social media?

Do you use strategic or haphazard #Hashtags?

Did You Know?

Using #Hashtags on Instagram remains an effective element to bring attention and engagement to your posts, and plays a strategic part in growing your Brand.

Including targeted and relevant #Hashtags on stories and posts lets your business become discoverable by new audience segments which translate to:

  • More followers.
  • More engagement.
  • More customers.
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Is Clubhouse in Your Business Future?

Clubhouse is the new kid on the block – as far as social platforms go.

Are You:

  • Not sure if you should create a Clubhouse marketing strategy?
  • Not sure if your business wants to be involved with Clubhouse? 
  • Not sure whether to even download the Clubhouse app?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social platform where registered users may enter into different virtual rooms to participate or listen in on a conversation or discussion panel. The room host has authority over who is allowed speaking privileges along with who gets the boot for misbehavior.

With over 10 million global downloads, this social platform launched early 2020, and has ramped up significantly since early 2021.

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6 Not-So-Obvious Business Marketing Tips

Is your small business challenged by:

  • Not enough visibility?
  • No clear direction?
  • Lack of resources?
  • Small marketing budget?
  • Never enough time?

Businesses invest time and money into online and offline marketing with the goal of building a solid road of qualified leads that covert into sales.

Marketing is not one-size-fits-all … what works for one business may not work for another due to variables such as:

  • Business niche.
  • Business size.
  • Business resources.
  • Business focus (online, brick and mortar, local, global).

Fundamental marketing strategies are applicable to every business. What’s important is knowing how to adapt them to the appropriate scale, so they work for your individual business.

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