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WordPress Plugin: Instagram Website Photo Feed

Do You Promote Your Business on Social Media?

This plugin gives you that extra edge over competitors by letting you display your Instagram feed(s) on your site. It works to:

  • Engage website visitors.
  • Increase session-time spent on your site.
  • Reduce bounce-rate.
  • Up conversion rates.
  • Extend social reach.
  • Build social trust.

Social Photo Feed Plugin

Social Photo Feed Plugin by Smashballoon

Installs:  1+ million
Requires:  WP 3.4 or higher
Cost:  Free.  (pro version avail)

Did You Know?

WordPress removed Instagram oEmbed support due to API changes.

This API change broke many websites - but this plugin ensures that won’t happen to your site.

This Instagram feed plugin adds it back in, so you can power all of your existing and future Instagram oEmbeds across your WordPress site. 

Features Include: (free version)

  • Super simple setup, with feed design customization options to match your Brand.
  • Completely responsive and mobile ready.
  • Reliable and lightening fast (won’t slow down your site).
  • Display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same feed or in separate feeds.
  • Display multiple Instagram feeds on the same page or on different pages throughout your site.
  • Includes a ‘Follow on Instagram’ button at the bottom of your feed.
  • Automatically powers Instagram oEmbeds.
  • GDPR compliant.

Download and try out the free version.

Additional Features: (Pro version)

Easily customize your feed for:

  • Shoppable Feeds

Use your Instagram content to drive sales by using shoppable feeds to promote your products right in your Instagram feed.

Link your Instagram posts to custom URLs of your choosing by simply adding the URL to the caption of  your post on Instagram, allowing you to link specific posts in your feed to pages or products on your site (or other sites) in a quick and easy way.

Try out the Demo.

  • #Hashtag Feeds

For brands and business ecommerce sites that use Instagram as a marketing tool (or want to start), it's also a way to showcase a hashtag campaign and automatically link posts to products or pages based on specific hashtags.

View the #Hashtag Demo.

  • Instagram Carousel Feeds

Create slideshow carousels of your Instagram photos and videos anywhere on your WordPress site. Customize the number of rows and columns, slide interval time, loop type, navigation display, and more, to showcase your content in a variety of ways.

View the Carousel Demo.

SMASHballoon offers Pro social feed plugins for:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Try out Demos for each social platform here.


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